Minneapolis Sheriff Bob Fletcher Rules!

Photo by Paul Keleher

I fully support law enforcement seizing laptops, protest literature, bus schedules, a map and sign-making materials from anti-choice protesters in order to head off efforts to disrupt medical facilities where abortions are performed.

'Cause what would America be without some thought police?

Where Is HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt When You Need Him?

Photo by HHS

Can you be a theology professor at a Roman Catholic University and refuse to teach Roman Catholic theology to your students because of a personal belief objection to the theology? Of course not.

Rosemary Radford Ruether's appointment to theology professor was withdrawn by the University of Sand Diego, a Roman Catholic school, because of her role with the abortion-rights organization Catholics for Choice.

You can only be guaranteed employment when you refuse to do your job because of "a religious objection to any health service, no matter how central to the job or health of the woman" if you're an Ob/Gyn. (emphasis mine)

If only Rosemary Radford Ruether had applied herself to become an Ob/Gyn she, too, could've had Secretary Mike Leavitt stand up for her and defend her right to put herself first and blow off her patients like the insignificant pieces of garbage that they actually are.

Because if the mission of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES isn't to protect the personal/religious beliefs of healthcare workers to the detriment of the, you know, very health of the patients I don't know what is!

I Get TownHall Email

Someone thought it a good idea to sing me up for Townhall.com email updates. Today's offering is: Headed for Obamageddon?

To the person who did this, I have a question for you. After reading my blog, whatever gave you the idea I'm a kindergartner?

Lost Christian Tourists

Spotted in Midtown West. The empty bus, that is; no sign of the Christian tourists.