Dramatic Personal Fashion Style

presenting a mood of personal fashion style

the above collection reveals Dramatic style

Dramatic style generally described as sophisticated, confidant, glamourous and alluring style!!

people who have this style , love to show authorities, headstrong, direct, and care about fundamentals.

this person tempts to choose bold clothes- either highly structured, statement accessories and high contrasting colors!!


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Classic Persona Fashionl Style

The personal fashion style here likes to wear in conservative, lots of neutrals, clean, and straight lines.

also they usually like to show their waist, jacket or tops are cinched at the waist.

generally they look simple, timeless , professional, smart neat and tidy. classic style attempt to match accessories colors with clothes

they are not a risk taker in fashion !

Monochrome and Geometric are the attractive prints for this style, as they are more of chic practical.

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Jimmy Choo

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Geometric Psychology

Choose one of these Geometric Prints dresses 

Then know your personality mode...

it is all about fashion and personality , external apperance and internal desiers 

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she is a well known designer of Geometric large prints 

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The Gibson Girl Trend

Vogue is celebrating 120th anniversiry this year 

its very first cover of Vogue was published in December 1892

it mirrored the  Gibson girl, the national ideal beauty of american woman in that era.

The hair style is so trendy 
Fashion style 

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Essential Foods for Your Oral and Dental Health

Healthy teeth and a healthy mouth require more than just regular brushing and flossing. A beautiful smile begins with a healthy diet. Eating the right foods and drinking the right beverages can strengthen your teeth and help boost your oral health.

Vitamin C for your Gums

Vitamin C plays an important role in keeping the gums healthy because it helps to strengthen and maintain the collagen network in your gums. If you do not get enough vitamin C, this collagen network can break down, making the gums more vulnerable to the bacteria that can cause periodontal disease. In addition, vitamin C boosts immunity, which can prevent illness and infection. Aside from citrus fruits, foods that are rich in vitamin C include red and green peppers, guava, kiwi fruit, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes.

The Benefits of Calcium

Foods that are high in calcium also play a role in good oral health. Contrary to popular belief, calcium does not play a direct role in rebuilding the teeth; however, calcium is still important for oral health because it strengthens the jaw bone and other bones that are associated with the teeth and face. Milk, yoghurt and cheese are all good sources of calcium. Cheese may be an especially good choice because studies suggest that it helps balance the pH of the mouth and increases saliva production, which helps to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Crunchy Raw Fruits and Veggies Remove Harmful Bacteria 

In addition to the nutrients that you consume, you should consider the characteristics of the foods themselves. For example, crunchy, unprocessed foods such as celery, apples and lettuce can help clear away harmful bacteria from the mouth and cause your body to produce more saliva, which also plays a role in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth. Many of these foods are also high in vitamin A, which is important for the formation of tooth enamel before the teeth erupt.

Drinking plenty of water and green tea can also help maintain your oral health. Water helps to wash away food particles and bacteria that can contribute to the formation of plaque. In addition, some studies indicate that green tea is beneficial for oral health because it is a good source of polyphenols, an antioxidant that plays a role in preventing plaque from sticking to the teeth. Tap water and green tea made from tap water also may be good sources of fluoride, because many cities add fluoride to their public water supply. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and plays a role in preventing tooth decay.

Watching your diet provides many benefits for your health, including your oral health. Include a healthy portion of these foods in your daily diet. Eating right, as well as brushing and flossing regularly, will help ensure that you can enjoy your smile for years to come.

About Author:
 Dr. Zadeh, cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, CA offers various dental treatments to address oral health issues and restore any damages to teeth and gums. This Beverly Hills dental implants specialist strives to educate his patients about the importance of oral health in their life.

Scottish Fashion

 Scottish fashion Award 2012

The look 

the element of Scottish fashion style

1) Check print
2) A cross-body bag in circle or square silhouette
3) knee-length socks 

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