Sacre Bleu!

American network channel CBS decided to investigate the world of French school lunches and guess what!? They are better than American school lunches. O.m.g. Truly shocking.

According to the CBS video, French school lunches sometimes consist of five course meals which change daily, and the parents of the young students actually care what the school is feeding their children, even giving suggestions for the school menu.

So when French children eat their bouillabaisse made from scratch in the school dining hall, les Américains eat their french fries, french toast and..well at least try to get into french clothes.

Au revoir!

Yes. Even evil stuff can be organic. Like Republicans.

Some things in life are just really difficult, complex and a bit of a pain in the ass to make. Babies are one example, airplanes another and oh yeah, pancakes too apparently. Batter Blaster knows is an everyday dilemma so they have come up with the awesome idea for all you lazy pancake lovers: Pancakes in a Spraycan. Organic ones. OMG.

Yay. You don't have to spend all those sweaty hours anymore making pancakes in the kitchen, not to mention that big ass shopping list for all the ingredients like flour, milk, egg. And salt. (.......) Anyway. Life is just so simple now with Batter Blaster. I mean nevermind all those extra ingredients in your spraycan pancakes like soybean powder, Sodium lactate and DiCalcium phosphate.

It's all organic (Oooo) and it's in a can. Even though this screams Diet Fat Free Cheesecake (wtf) I say go ahead. Soon, everything will come from a can. Even babies.


HEY. Today was my first day at my new job as an Organic Food Store worker. Yes, it's true. I got to be surrounded by organic raspberry tarts, homemade bread and healthy looking customers.
But the BEST part of my day was that I, as a 'welcome gift' got to choose ten items to bring home. Ehm, can you say YAAAY?

So this is what I chose:

Organic Rosé Wine

2 types of Hummus

Organic Luxury Granola

Sourdough Bread

Linseed Oatmeal

Toasted Almonds

Fresh Butternut squash soup

Peppermint tea

Salmon (Yes, I'm going back to it you guys, because as my veggie flat mate says: "If you don't eat fish, a bigger fish will eat it. But if you don't eat a cow, it will keep on living." So, really I'm just getting to before the whale. Still, the vegan in my is crying for eating it, but my skin and hair is crying with joy - I need to solve this moral dilemma asap.)

So, today was a very happy hippy day. I'm going to go home now and E A T.


She's Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! So I'm back ya'll! It's been a couple of hectic days with a wonderful holiday, awesome birthday and moving into a new flat in London! But now I'm here, ready to make my sarcastic and insightful remarks about all the edible nonsense that exists in this wild world of ours.

So. With my newfound love of olive oils and honey I'll get down to some dirty business in my next posts.

PS. PS. PS. PS! Remember this post. Well, I can actually tell you guys that I got my mom and dad hooked on it as well and we feel great! I have not had a cold since I started taking it and a spoonful every morning really gives you some long lasting energy.

Also, walking down Portobello Road yesterday I saw a big sign outside a honey/bee pollen shop that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIVE, and it showed this 100-year old sweet man that was talking about how he would eat some bee pollen every day and a spoon of Manuka Honey.

And now he's a 100 years old. So if you want to live until 2080, do what Clive and I do.

Because Even Crusades Take Vacations

So my sweet little broccoli-heads. Mama is going away on a nice hot holiday and will be gone for like 12 days from the blog world. But don't get scurred. If you get some health nazi abstinence during these empty sad days, just come and check out my old posts.

And I will be back.

Love you all.

In Case You Didn't Know.

"Water contains no calories and drinking it makes us feel full" as reported by BBC News.


A Fine British National Obsession

The Guardian published an article today about Britain's national obsession. Guess what it is. Maybe its politics? Its academic history and culture? The Royal family?

Guess again. It's Crisps.

Yes. Crisps as in fried potato chips.

That's Britain's national obsession. Here are some juicy and intellectual parts from the article:

"We consume, in Britain...more than everyone else in Europe put together, around 150 packets for each and every one of us each year."

"Most other countries see crisps as something you consume like olives: with an aperitif, before a meal. Here, cheese & onion, ready salted, salt & vinegar and prawn cocktail are part not just of our regular diet, but of the British culture."

"...crisps go brilliantly with sandwiches, of which we also consume (for lunch) more than most nations."

(....) And THAT my British friends and lovers, is the sound of no hands clapping for your pointless obsession with...yes, seriously...crisps.