How Naive Is the NYPD?

How exactly do you dupe the police into believing that the person who just so happens to refuse to drop criminal charges against you had impersonated a police officer who held up her victims with a semi-automatic handgun during crimes that were staged in Queens and Nassau County?

If you're Jerry Ramrattan, apparently it's quite a breeze to have the police throw an innocent person in jail for seven months.

Earthquake in NYC?

Just a few moments ago I was sitting at my desk and, all of a sudden, I felt the floor and the chair shake. The shaking wasn't very strong and it lasted for a few seconds.

What a strange sensation to fell the floor underneath you move/vibrate, even if it's ever so slightly.

UPDATE: Ha, it was an earthquake!

WASHINGTON (AP) — 5.8 earthquake in Virginia felt in Washington, New York City, North Carolina

More here.