What Does This Even Mean? #3

The most vital supplement ever.

Worse Comes To Worse

As if a fried carcass on its own isn't enough. Now you can get it wrapped up in a pizza with loads of melted cheese on top!

Why only have one blocked artery, when you can have two?

Rep. Pete "Women, you will be raped so plan for it!" DeGraaf Was Right

See what happens when you don't listen to Kansas state Rep. Pete "Women, you will be raped so plan for it!" DeGraaf?

You go walking in one of the poshest areas of the city at 6:30 AM and the inevitable rape (you're a woman who wears clothes and is out and about; enough said) catches you unprepared.

Happy Memorial Day!


Russia's Orthodox Church Uses Women's Brains and Uteri as Stepping Stones to Power

Russia's Orthodox Church is seeking a more muscular role in society. What to do, what to do to achieve that goal?

How about support proposed legislation aimed at infantilizing women of reproductive age and denying them proper medical care:

MOSCOW – Russia's Orthodox Church teamed with Conservative parliamentarians Monday to push legislation that would radically restrict abortions in a nation struggling to cope with one of the world's lowest birthrates.

The legislation would ban free abortions at government-run clinics and prohibit the sale of the morning-after pill without a prescription, said Yelena Mizulina, who heads a parliamentary committee on families, women and children.

She added that abortion for a married woman would also require the permission of her spouse, while teenage girls would need their parents' consent. If the legislation is passed, a week's waiting period would also be introduced so women could consider their decision to terminate their pregnancy, Mizulina said.

Ralph W. Lang Wants to Assassinate Ob/Gyns, Feds Charge Him With Terrorism...Not

With the recent arrest of a confessed terrorist we can all breath a sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that our government takes the threat of terrorism against all its citizens seriously.

Here are the facts of the case:

A man named Bohamed Batta said he had been in New York with a gun last week, but was having “spiritual struggles” and was not “100 percent in sync with God” so he did not shoot anyone.

Bohamed had a history of targeting Times Square buildings where people who disobeyed his religious beliefs could be found. Court documents said he was arrested in 2007 outside a Times Square building, telling officers that everyone in the building deserved to be executed and that police were failing in their jobs by not carrying out the executions. Bohamed received a disorderly conduct citation, according to court records.

He told authorities he bought the .38 caliber gun in the New York area about two years after his arrest “to help end people who disobeyed his religious beliefs.”

A police Sargent looked around Bohamed’s motel room and saw a box that contained several documents, including a map of the U.S. with dots in each state and the handwritten words “some centers were people disobey my religious beliefs.”

Also written on the map was “The Prophet [PBUH] says Hell awaits any person disobeying my religious beliefs.”

In an interview with detectives, Bohamed said he arrived in New York City from New Jersey about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, and after checking in and bathing, drove by Times Square to see if anyone was there.

He said that on Thursday he intended to find out who the people disobeying his religious beliefs were and “do what I feel police officers fail to do.”

Asked what that was he said, “Take a gun, drop the people.”

Fortunately, because an accidental discharge of his gun, Bohamed was caught before he can carry out his plan, and federal prosecutors swooped in to the rescue.

The Feds charged Bohamed with attempted first-degree intentional homicide for allegedly attempting to kill people who disobey his religious beliefs and, obviously, with acts of terrorism.

Oh, wait a minute. That's not at all what happened.

The man's name is not Bohamed Batta, but rather Ralph W. Lang. He is a Christian, not a Muslim, and his assassination targets were people who disobeyed his religious beliefs at Planned Parenthood centers in Madison and Milwaukee, not New York City.

Most important, since the segment of people who disobeyed his religious beliefs marked for assassination by Lang was just medical personnel who assist pregnant patients with a safe, effective, and legal medical procedure, federal prosecutors only charged Lang with...wait for it...a misdemeanor:

[A] criminal complaint filed Thursday by federal prosecutors in U.S. District Court in Madison that charged Lang with a misdemeanor, attempting to injure, intimidate and interfere with people providing reproductive health services.

Clearly, Lang's stated intent to use deadly force and violence against Ob/Gyns to intimidate or coerce a segment of the civilian population in furtherance of his social objectives does not fit the Code of Federal Regulation's definition of, you know, terrorism:


There is no single, universally accepted, definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

The FBI further describes terrorism as either domestic or international, depending on the origin, base, and objectives of the terrorist organization. For the purpose of this report, the FBI will use the following definitions:

* Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States or Puerto Rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.


Killer Cucumbers On The Road

5 people in Germany have died due to E.Coli from cucumbers that were imported from Spain. It is sufficient to say that I think we live in such a screwed up world where cucumbers are killing people. Really taste that sentence: Cucumbers. Are. Killing. People.

But we planted these, so I guess we're killing ourselves. Note to self: Grow my own.

Update 3 minutes later: Omg. OMG. I just remembered I had a tomato and cucumber salad with my lunch. Ok I'm freaking out right now.

What Is Happening to My City, Part...I've Lost Count

The slow boiling of our liberties by our authoritarian overlords continues unabated:

Civil libertarians want a federal judge to prevent cops from questioning and frisking passengers who are pulled from livery cars and taxis during an NYPD program aimed at preventing robberies.

The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court Thursday, alleging police routinely victimize innocent passengers -- even after the drivers have told police they are not in any danger.

Drivers who participate in TRIP -- Taxi/Livery Robbery Inspection Program -- affix a decal on their back windshield, an indication that they consent to having police stop them at random.

The suit says police have every right to question the driver. It's the questioning of the passengers that raised flags for the NYCLU.

"Nothing about the program, however, can or does authorize officers to detain, question, frisk or search passengers without independent suspicion of wrongdoing," the suit says. "Nonetheless, the NYPD has a practice of doing so, with officers apparently believing that driver participation in the program means that passengers consent to this treatment.


Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, the NYPD's top spokesman, defended TRIP.

"Police stops save lives," he said. "So does the TRIP program."


[One of the two named plaintiffs in the lawsuit is] Munir Pujara, a 37-year-old lawyer who lives in Harlem and works in the Bronx.

According to the lawsuit, the livery he was riding in was pulled over in the Bronx in September by two officers. The driver said he was not in any danger, but that the officers threatened to arrest Pujara, who is of South Asian descent, if he didn't get out of the car.

Pujara, familiar with TRIP because he had defended a client in an unrelated case, got out of the car and was frisked. He contested the legality of what the officers were doing but one of the officers, he said, pointed to the TRIP decal as a legal basis for the search.

An Amazing Little Boy

Birke Baehr, an 11-year old boy who wants to become an organic farmer delivers an amazing speech that makes my eyes water with pride. And he's not even my kid.

It was written

"I know I have benefited from eating a lot of vegan food. Thanks to all those mung bean salads, tofu satay rice bowls and coconut carrot curries, I've lost weight, feel healthier and appreciate a broader range of flavours and textures than I used to."

- A meat eater on The guardian

When Yeast Becomes Persona Non Grata

Ok people. By now we all know that Denmark is the happiest nation on earth and that we should all want to move over there and just be happy like the Danes. But wait ya'll! Denmark might not only be the happiest nation but also the healthiest. My dear neighbourstate has decided to


I know. It's the best news since...sliced tofu. The Danish government has now banned products such as Marmite, Ovaltine, Horlicks and some breakfast cereals by Kellogs. I mean we all knew that stuff like this were as good as crack for your body, but when a state takes such an initiative to promote the overall health of the population, my faith in human intelligence resurrect.

The funny thing is that the foods that have been banned in Denmark are super popular in the UK. And I don't mean to sound like a beach but ehm... Look at the people in Denmark and then look at the people in the UK. Obesity and tooth loss is not as hip in Denmark as it is in the United Kingdom, I'll tell you that.

What Does This Mean? #2

"Some kinds of fruit" ey? Reassuring.

Can You Guess What This Is?

Hint: it's supposed to yummie.

Yeah I'm Growing

Hey-Hey out there! I don’t know about you guys but when it’s sunny and warm, I just transform. I feel happier, healthier and more energetic! In fact, I was so energetic after work yesterday that I went to the organic allotment that belongs to a friend of mine and planted some cucumber and kale seeds! I swear it was like giving birth. I just felt so powerful and almighty while I was pushing a wheel barrow with dirt and watering the earth. I was just feeling mother Earth. Like, we’re both giving lives kind of thing. Yeah. Super weird.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m going to this organic farm in Stockholm called Rosenhill. There's going to be a course there on how to grow your own organic vegetables and fruit, and also demonstrate how you can make your own skincare products with stuff from your garden. This is awesome because I’m getting a little annoyed of all these parabens in all beauty products. Research has found that parabens might have an estrogenic effect and there are studies that have found the presence of parabens in breast tumours that can lead to cancer.

I rather make my own face wash of rose petals, morning dew and sunshine. Namaste.

Green Vegan Burgers

So I made some really nice vegan burgers yesterday. Which I couldn't eat. Because I kind of fried them. In flaxseed oil. By mistake.

But you don't have to be a genius like me. These are really simple burgers and obviously healthy and perfect for a BBQ with your meat-eating friends, aka. les savages. Joking.







Soy or Corn flour



I'm not going to give you any measurement because I believe in measuring with your eyes. Also, I don't like numbers when I'm cooking, it makes me nervous. So boil the bulgur, and while your boiling it, put all the other ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a gooey paste. When the bulgur is ready, mix it in with the paste and let it all cool down for like 5 minutes. Then shape some burgers of it all. Put it on the BBQ. Serve with some slice avocados and tomato sauce between two pieces of sourdough bread. Omg. Delicious.

Religion, What Is It Good For?

Apparently, kosher cell phones (phones that block access to services frowned upon by ultra-Orthodox rabbis) and photoshopped history.


I'm sorry, but this does not surprise me one bit after living in England for four years. This woman has only been eating crisps (Americans, read chips) for the past ten years. As in only crisps. Her favorite is the beef-flavoured ones. And she eats two family-sized bags a day. Obviously, she looks and feels great.

Abortion Demographics

Despite the drawback that facts don't play a role in abortion legislation, this is a good video from the Guttmacher Institute on abortion demographics:


Lunch Smoothie

This is the perfect summer smoothie for those quick lunches.

1 Banana

1 Avocado

1 Tablespoon of Raw Hemp Protein Powder

Half an orange


Peppermint leaves

Oat milk

Mix in a blender. You get nutritious carbs, protein, omega 3, vitamins and amino acids all in one!

Human Progress: Something Very Subjective

If you like to see animals butchered and cooked then...well then I guess you can go?

Cupcake Vodka!

In Sweden, the only way to keep warm during the winter, fall and spring (yes it snowed today), is to drink lots of vodka. And then roll around in the snow naked so that you can run into the sauna and sit in your drunken bliss.

Well good news everybody, now it's possibly to do it with some style. Cupcake Vodka is a company that produces Vodkas in different flavours such as Frosting and Devil's Food without any artificial flavours and sweeteners. Yay. That's enough for me to roll into work drunk. Let's put this show on a road now people.

The Unit Kills Osama bin Laden


*The Unit

Grossest. Burger. Ever.

Next time ya'll have hamburgers, why not get them with a turkey leg inside? I mean why kill one animal when you can kill two?