KIDNEY PAIN: Causes, Symptoms and Emergent Remedy

Your pair of kidneys is actually considered to be a vital human organ situated at the back portion of the body, particularly behind the lower ribs. They are not of the same height for the right kidney is slightly lower than your left kidney. 

The pain one may actually experience with kidneys is called flank pain for the pain usually occurs at the lower back portion though it sometimes extends to the groin and even to the testicles. Most of the people happen to mistakenly consider some spinal pain, arthritis and even muscle pain as kidney pain and that is a usual misconception. 

When we speak of kidney pain, we are basically dealing with a specific pain brought about by certain body conditions like a blockage in the outflow of urine from the kidney or an enlargement or injury, including infection and inflammation for that matter.

The Different Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Pain

The most common causes of kidney pain are kidney stones as well as kidney infection which we call Pyelonephritis. The first one which is kidney stones may actually cause nausea with or without vomiting, bloody urine, fever and the pain which comes in waves. If we basically talk about kidney infection which is  Pyelonephritis, the primary symptoms that one may experience are nausea with or without vomiting , bloody urine,  burning feeling during urination and also urgent or frequent need of urination.

Accompanied with the infection is the inflammation which can cause the stretching of the capsule surrounding the kidney causing pain. Only a few know that specific conditions that would basically cause kidney enlargement are being developed slowly without the experience of so much pain.

The specific conditions that include stretching and enlargement are hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney disease and also kidney cancer or benign tumors. Kidney injury brought about by trauma is easy to identify and be diagnosed since there is more rapid enlargement and bleeding happening with the kidneys. 

Aside from those common causes of kidney pain, there is this rare kidney damage brought about by a block in the artery that can also cause kidney pain. There is this unusual complication called poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis caused by a streptococcal infection that can also cause severe kidney pain.

One thing you should really be mindful of is severe pain accompanied with other symptoms that would really require emergent intervention such as unconsciousness, profuse sweating, rapid breathing or heart rate, cold and clammy skin, bloody urine, high fever, confusion, decreased or absent urine output, paleness and bloody urine.

Kidney Pain Treatments

If we speak of treatment, many would even consider taking up paracetamol tablets as an emergent remedy for kidney pain. That would be fine if the condition is within limits but then, seeking a doctor’s help would still be the best option. It is not advisable to do self-medication.  

Remember that medications prescribed by a doctor are still the appropriate drugs. But then, when it reaches an advanced stage, dialysis is already needed. You should not take the challenge of managing the pain you are experiencing alone, for it might actually cost you your life. It would really be best to seek for professional help.

It would really be important to seek for prompt medical attention for persistent pain to prevent you from unbearable suffering later on.
But then, prevention is better than cure. It would still be best to cut down on beverages high in alcohol content.  

Shan is an accomplished writer and blogger; He loves to write about daily fitness related topic like hymen, women health etc.

Lux Beauty Gallery

i am very excited for the Lux Beauty Gallery at Hilton Jeddah. this fashion event not only enchnts the saudi women but also enhance the saudi fashion industry by showcase some fashion designers's collections and meeting some beauty and fashion experts.

from these events regional trends are spotted to reported to style watchers around the globe to enjoy. and it is good to know what is hot for Ramadan season!


the event will present Joelle Mardinian, leading beauty expert and her team from Maison de Joelle to provide consultation to consumers in the area of makeup, and hair. Joelle will also perform a live demonstration on stage for the latest hair styling techniques and make up. There will also be  eight lucky  Lux winners who will win a make over at the Maison de Joelle by entering a draw when buying a lux promo pack..

Kamilia Kamel, one of the region’s most talented Saudi fashion experts who specializes in Abayas and evening gowns will also be showcasing her collection in the Lux Gallery that reflects the spirit of beauty. Kamilia will be dressing up 2 Lux winner who will attend the Lux Beauty Gallery (1 from Jeddah and Riyadh respectively);giving them the opportunity to be and feel like a glamorous star.

Fragrance experts who will be flying down from the Givaudan Fragrance House in Paris will be offering expert advice to the participating women to help them pick the right fragrance that best suits their personality and character. They will also be demonstrating the latest trends in mixing the best perfumes from around the world.  This stems from Lux’s partnership with Givaudan House and the famous world frangrance expert Ann Gotlieb to launch the new Lux Fine Fragrance range that will be showcased duringthe event. There will also be a nutrition and fitness experts from Gold’s Gym will provide advice and consultation on eating right to stay and feel beautiful. 

Natural Beauty Tips: All About The No-Poo Method

The thought of not washing your hair with shampoo may be off-putting at first, but many people have found that their hair looks healthier than it has in years with the no-poo, short for "no shampoo", method. Shampoo, which was created in the early part of the 20th century, has mineral oil as an ingredient in many formulas. Mineral oil is a by-product of crude oil, and some people do not feel comfortable using over-the-counter shampoos for this reason.

There are several benefits to going shampoo-free. First of all, shampoo is a detergent, and it contains chemicals that can strip the healthy oils from your hair. While shampoo cleans your hair, it also removes the beneficial hair shaft oils that your body produces naturally. These oils are meant to keep your hair silky and strong.

You can also save a good bit of money by not having to purchase shampoos each month, as some brands are costly. If you try to save money by using the cheap shampoos, you may find that these formulas work poorly in keeping your hair looking clean and shiny, which results in the need to buy a more expensive shampoo. Also, many people prefer to buy shampoo in conjunction with conditioner, which is another added expense. Other hair products, such as gels, detangle sprays, and mousses, are not only an additional expense but may also leave unwanted build-up on your hair.

The first step in embracing the no-poo method is to find natural products that are good for your hair to replace your shampoo, conditioner, and all of your styling products. Baking soda works great as a replacement for shampoo: it is gentle on your hair, has little to no alkaline, and does not build up in your hair. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water, and you can create some no-poo.

You can tweak the no-poo recipe as needed. If you have thick hair, you may need more of this mixture, and if you have thin hair, you may need less. Place the mixture into a squeeze bottle, shake the bottle until the baking soda dissolves, and then get ready to apply the solution to your hair. Wet your hair, squeeze some of the mixture from the bottle onto your hair, massage it in well, and then rinse it out. The no-poo process only has to be done once a week if you have short hair and twice a week if you have longer hair.

Natural Beauty Tips: Homemade Facials

With the economy the way it is today, many people are looking for shortcuts when it comes to their skin care routines. Homemade facials can definitely save you both time and money. One of the benefits of homemade facials is that they are naturally better for your skin than the chemical-filled facial preparations that are available in stores.

Making your own facial is easy to do - you'll just need to have some all-natural ingredients on hand. These ingredients are all easy to find and inexpensive to purchase at grocery stores. Facials are rejuvenating, so if you regularly have these ingredients in your home, then you may wish to give yourself a homemade facial once a week.

Before applying a homemade facial scrub, take off all of your jewelry including your earrings, because some natural substances do not react well with metal jewelry. Smooth all of your hair back from your face by using a headband. You may want to use an old bandanna if you're worried about a headband getting soiled from the facial scrub. Wash your face with your normal cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, and be sure that when applying your facial mask, you follow all of the instructions exactly. You may want to set a timer so that you know when to remove the facial scrub from your skin..

Here are some great facial recipes for you to try at home.

Milk and Cinnamon Facial: This facial consists of four ingredients that you may already have in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of milk, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of honey, and one teaspoon of vanilla. Spread the mixture onto your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse it off well with warm water.

Egg and Almond Oil facial: This facial is made with a combination of just two basic ingredients: one egg and one teaspoon of almond oil. Mix the two ingredients in a bowl, and apply the scrub to your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off well with cold water.

Cucumber and Mint Facial: A cucumber and mint facial is just what your skin needs to be rejuvenated. You will need a blender and four simple ingredients for this mask. In the blender, combine one half of a cucumber, five mint leaves, one tablespoon of Greek yogurt, and one tablespoon of dry milk. Leave this mixture on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse your skin well with warm water.

Don’t Be a Hoarder! 5 Things You Can Sell, Recycle or Donate Today

We all have items that we hold dear and would never throw out. For some of us it’s a family heirloom like our grandmother’s jewelry. For others it’s a “lucky” shirt or the foul ball they caught at the baseball game. While you can hang onto those items forever, your home is full of stuff that is just taking up space. Clean up your home now with the 5 things you should sell, recycle or donate today!

Old Clothing (Donate)

No matter what you’ve convinced yourself, those clothes that you loved in college have got to go. If they are in style they don’t fit, and if they fit then they are out of style. While those clothes may not be working for you, there are people all around the country who can use them. Groups like The Salvation Army will be happy to take old clothes off of your hands and may even come to your home to pick them up. Clear out some space, help those in need and get a tax write-off in just a few hours.
Textbooks (Sell)

If your textbooks are only a year or two old, it is likely that there are still students out there who can use them. Sell the books online and make some quick cash. If the books are more than a few years old you can recycle them. You may not get paid, but at least you will clear some much needed space on your bookshelf.

Baby and Kids Toys (Donate)

While it may seem like a great idea to keep your child’s toys up in the attic for your grandchildren, you really aren’t doing them any favors. Trends change and newer toys come into style. More importantly, 25 years stuffed up in the attic will do a number on the toys, leading to mold, mildew, and other growth that could potentially be harmful to your grandchild. Donate the toys to a group like the Big Brothers Big Sister that will distribute them to less fortunate children in your neighborhood.

Electronics (Recycle/Throw Out)

Big ticket items like televisions, computers and stereo systems are really hard to throw out. Many of us will wait years to upgrade to a newer model and once we do we still hold on to the old item for a rainy day. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time with them, or maybe it’s because they are so expensive to begin with and we want to get our money’s worth. Whatever your reason for hanging on to your old electronics, it’s time to throw them out. When was the last time you actually used your VCR? Why is it still taking up space?  Try to recycle the item before just throwing it out, but understand that with electronics that is sometimes impossible.

Sports Equipment (Sell)

Did you invest in a full set of hockey pads that are now just sitting in the hall closet? Do you have a treadmill that has become the world’s most expensive towel rack? The second hand sporting goods market may be begging for your contribution. You won’t get half or even a third of what you originally paid for the equipment, but you will likely be able to attract a buyer who will carry it up from your basement for you.

Kenny Soto is a blogger for For more info on hoarding, spring cleaning and the benefits of making donations visit My Move today!

Elsa Schiaparelli | Fashion designer

Schiaparelli worked in Paris from the 1920s until her house closed in 1954, was closely associated with the Surrealist movement and created such iconic pieces as the "Tear" dress, the "Shoe" hat, and the "Bug" necklace. 

Her designs witty and practical. She dyed zippers to match fabric, and left them exposed for decoration as well as function. She was famous for her buttons, which were created to suit a current theme – circus clowns, acrobats, cupids, drums, zodiac signs. Her clothing featured broad shoulder pads, nipped-in waists, dyed furs and peplums.

Prada, who holds a degree in political science, took over her family's Milan-based business in 1978, and focuses on fashion that reflects the eclectic nature of Postmodernism. Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada both are Italian and innovative fashion designers, they worked in different eras and had distinctive views and approaches to their work. 

 The Met's Spring 2012 Costume Institute exhibitionSchiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, explores the striking affinities between Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. the aim of this orchestrated  conversations was to understand that the creative processes of these two women are different but they 
also lead to very similar resolutions

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Body Hacks for a Longer Life

Who doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier life? Lifestyles that incorporate proper rest, diet and exercise enhance the body’s ability to prosper. Don’t forget the health benefits of wine, chocolate and sex as you lower your blood pressure, stop smoking and increase metabolism. Reading, hobbies and venturing into new activities promote a sharp mind.

70 million Americans carry sleep disorders, 30 million are depressed and one in three adults are classified as obese. Lifestyle change is imperative. Eating naturally helps. Winding down before bed allows you to slip into sleep. Exercising your heart and your head are non-negotiable.

Creativity, simplicity and patience are our friends. Changing eating habits one food at a time elicits confidence. Adopting fresh exercise routines as minimal as walking are life changing. Changing bed time routines from stress and activity to calm set the table for a restful night and promote strength for the next day.
Source: Health Degrees

What is your body type?!

I made this post because I have been asked so many times to give a brief description of body types. First I would like to mention why it is essential to know and understand your body?! as few women have a perfect, well-proportion body, and all of us are wishing to have a stunning figure and boost our self-esteem, It is not impossible to create the illusion of great shape,  and that starts by identifying the figure problems!! Then label your body according to the below descriptions….then choose the right cuts, designs, prints, and fabric to your body shape to have ideal figure.

 where do you carry the most weight?


Carry most weight on hips and thighs


Heavy hips and bust but never waist!!


Tends to store most fat on bust and tommy

Slim Athletic and Petite

Naturally balanced but petite is quit tiny

to know in which body shape are you just click on Calculatornet

and if you like to do some exercise that suits your body shape check Matt Roberts’s book!!

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Natural Beauty

From the Irish Examiner:

As 51-year-old mother-of-two, Molly Barker, and her 27-year-old friend and colleague, Caitlin Boyle, met for a coffee in their home town of Charlotte, North Carolina, they stumbled upon a question neither of them could answer.

"Molly is the founder of a self-esteem-boosting programme for elementary school girls, called ‘girls on the run,’ and I’m the founder of a site called," says Caitlin.

"One day, we were having coffee when I asked Molly, ‘what do you say to the girls when they ask you, "Molly, you say inner beauty is the most important thing, but you wear make-up and wear high heels and dye your hair. What does this mean"?’

"Both of us were stumped for a truly authentic answer, because we had always engaged in those habits and didn’t really know why we did them."

By the end of their discussion, the pair had decided that the best way to find out about those habits and their motivations was to desist from doing them.

Full story.

Natural Beauty Tips: Choosing Nude Lipsticks

When it comes to choosing a nude lipstick color, the general rule is to select a shade that is either the same shade or a little bit lighter than your skin tone. If you have pale skin, then you should choose cooler shades of lipstick, whereas if you have darker skin, you'll want to choose warmer nude shades.

While these guidelines may seem easy enough to follow, selecting the perfect nude lip color for you may be a bit overwhelming at first. You may find several shades that you like, only to find out that once you've put them on, they are either too dark, too light, or not compatible with your skin tone.

A little-known secret to achieving the best look with nude lip color is to apply lip gloss, lip balm, and concealer. Use the same concealer that you use to cover blemishes on your face. You can try experimenting with various colors of concealer to find the shade that works best for you. Before you even start applying color to your lips, you'll want to clean the area by using a lip exfoliator. The lip exfoliator is meant to make your lips smooth and remove dead layers of skin. Next, apply your favorite lip balm, and then use your fingertips to blend concealer into your lips. Do not use an excessive amount of concealer, or your lips will look muddy. Finally, add some clear lip gloss, and you have now achieved a natural, nude lip look.

If you'd rather not use the above technique, then you will to search for the perfect nude lipstick. If you have light-colored skin, you can try Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in the color Biarritz, or try Clarins Limited Edition Rouge Hydra Nude Lipstick in the color Nude Rose. For a medium skin tone, try nude shades of true beige or light pink such as Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick in the color Devilish or Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in the color Café Chic. For darker skin tones, you'll want to choose brown-based nude shades. Try L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolour in the color Lingering Mocha or Shiseido's Shimmering Rouge Lipstick in the color BR 304.

The bottom line in selecting nude lipsticks is that fair skin is suited to shades that have a touch of champagne color, medium skin tones work best with beige or light pink shades, and darker skin tones are complimented by brown colors.

Tribal Personal fashion style

Shoe from Saks Fifth Avenue 
These two cocktail dresses from River Island complement a column body shape, as the details accentuate a perfect figure for this body type. Column body types should always look for tailored clothes with some cuts or details around one’s waist. 

The tribal prints attract people who love details and neutral colors (brown, black, off white), in general those people have a strong and bold personalities.

This look reveals a strong personality loving of heavy makeups, dark lipstick with thick eyeliner or light lipstick with smoky eyes.

 As this how people perceive this look it is perfect for parties or casual friends gathering, but not for formal or professional occasions.

If you think you fit into this personality?! Check out those suggested items for you

How To Prepare To Walk A Marathon

Long term care is an issue that we all have to think about. Some of us may need some assistance as we age, and some of us will even need extensive long term care.

I have 2 Aunts in their 90s. One is 98 and the other is 96. The 98 year old started need some help a couple of years ago and still lives in an assisted living apartment. Her memory and stamina is now failing.

The 96 year old still lives in her own apartment, has some help every morning from a social service agency in her community. They help her to take a bath. The caretaker gives her breakfast and prepares lunch and dinner, which she leaves in the refrigerator. Her memory is as sharp as every!

To keep yourself in the group of people who may only need minimal assistance, you need to stay active. One way to stay active is to set achievable fitness goals like walking a marathon.

Finding the Right Marathon to Walk

The first step in preparing to walk a marathon is to find a marathon venue that has a walking division. The popularity of walking a marathon has led many of the top marathons in the country to offer a walking division.

However, because walking a marathon takes longer than running one, your race is going to start earlier than the runners, and chances are the runners will eventually pass you up as you approach the finish line.

Set Up a Training Schedule

Some marathons provide free training.

  • Check your senior center or park district's programs. My daughter-in-law and daughter joined The Chicago Park District's marathon training program.
  • Go on line to and search for a walking group.
  • Investigate what is available in your community
  • Start a group of your own.

  • One problem that a lot of people have when they undertake a huge sports challenge is that they feel like they are all alone. Extra support will keep you motivated and keep your training on track.

    For first time marathoners, the goal is usually just to finish the race regardless of time. However, nearly all marathons now have a time limit for finishing the race. Because of this you need to train so that you can complete the marathon course within the allotted time, which is usually between five and six hours.

    Generally, it is recommended that you spend six months training for a marathon. This will give you enough time to build up your endurance and your race strategy. The frequency that you train will depend a lot on your schedule, but you will want to spend between four and six days a week training.

    Injury Prevention

    Since the ultimate goal of walking a marathon is to improve your overall health, you want to do everything in your power to prevent injuries. The first way you can prevent injuries is by wearing the appropriate foot wear and clothing for your sport.

    You will want to be professionally fitted with long distance running shoes, you will need water wicking clothing, sunglasses and a hat to protect your scalp and face from sunburns.

    Another way to prevent injuries is to stretch properly before and after your workouts.
    Finally, you need to fuel and hydrate your body sufficiently for your sport.

    The amount of long term care that you will need in the future depends a lot on what you do right now. You can reduce the chances that you will need a lot of LTC by taking advantage of Spring sports activities and by minimizing the hazards in your home.

    There is an old saying, "If you don't use it, you'll loose it!" Staying active and healthy is important for seniors, so learn more about living a senior citizen's healthy lifestyle. Join in the conversation and share your experiences at Our Seniors Citizens Blog.

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    Mark your calendar. I'll be performing alongside several other wonderful dancers in a showcase presentation. Full info.

    5 Tasty Foods Under 80 Calories

    When you are on a diet or are conscious of the amount of calories that you are consuming at any given meal, you will be on the lookout for tasty foods that have a low calorie count. You can also combine different foods that each has low calories for a different taste and to make your food interesting. Some of the foods that are tasty but have a low calorie count are given below:

    Plain Yoghurt and Fruit

    You can prepare a snack of pain yoghurt which has a lower calorie count than the flavored one. You can combine it with a small portion of fruits such as a cup of strawberries which is 50 calories or a peach which has a calorie count of thirty calories only. Use plain yoghurt such as the Chobani Greek plain yoghurt which has only 12 calories in four ounces.

    All Vegetable Soup

    This soup has a number of low calorie ingredients that make for a tasty and filling soup.
    • 2 cups shredded cabbage
    • 2 carrots
    • 2 cups cauliflower
    • 2 cups broccoli
    • 2 zuchinni
    • 1 red bell pepper
    • 1 onion
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • 2 cups of swiss chard
    • 1 stalk of celery
    • 2 teaspoons of thyme
    • ½ teaspoon of salt
    • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
    • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
    MethodPut the vegetables, garlic and thyme in a soup pot. Cover the pot and put high heat. When it boils, uncover the pot partly then simmer the vegetables for another 10 minutes. Stir in the parsley, salt, pepper and lemon juice.Remove and serve.

    Crackers and Cheese

    Use whole wheat grain crackers so that you can reduce the calorie count. You can eat about 10 medium sized crackers with reduced fat cheese not more than three quarter an ounce. This tasty snack is healthy and you will get proteins, calcium and fiber from the whole wheat grain.

    Zucchini Noodles

    This can be used as a low calorie alternative to pasta and it is tasty as well as filling.
    • 2 zucchini
    • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
    • 1 tablespoon of black pepper

    MethodPeel the zucchini into long ribbon like stripsTake a large skillet and heat it. Add the olive oil and zucchini strips.Saute the zucchini strips for three minutes then season with pepper and salt.Serve with low calorie fresh tomato sauce.

    Chinese Hot and Spicy Green Beans

    To make green beans tasty, you can use low calorie natural spices which will transform them to spicy
    • 16 ounces of green beans
    • 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar
    • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
    • 2 tablespoons of grated ginger
    • 2 tablespoons of garlic
    • 2 tablespoons of sugar
    • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil
    MethodMix the vinegar together with the soy sauce, sugar, and the amount of chili flakes that you desire.In a large skillet put a ¼ cup of water and let it boil in very high heat then add the beans and cook for three minutes. Drain any water left then add the sesame oil, garlic and ginger on low heat. Stir constantly until the beans are browned and so that the garlic doesn't burn. Add the soy mixture and cook for another two minutes. Remove and serve while hot.

    Daniel Carter is an expert who specializes in skin care and beauty. He writes fro many health websites related to health niche.

    How to Add Hours to the Day

    Everyone knows you need to drink at least twelve glasses of water each day, right?

    And on top of that, you must get at least eight hours of sleep: eight straight hours is the minimum. These rules of health are common knowledge—but they may not hold up under scrutiny. I know this is a touchy area. We’re talking about your health here, but let’s at least consider a different perspective.

    Are you hydrated?

    The bottom line on water is that, once you are hydrated, you need to take in only enough fluid to replace the amount you lose. The formulas for determining exactly how many glasses you need to drink per day are without foundation.

    Another way

    After all, if you are running a marathon, you will need considerably more water than if you are sitting in a chair at your desk. You definitely need to drink water daily—but the amount needed fluctuates according to how active you are and how much fluid you lose (from perspiration, urination, vomiting or other means). Again, the key here is to replace as much as you lose. Urine color is a signal. Clear urine says you are hydrated. As the urine darkens, you know you need to rehydrate. Take a look at the handy chart used by the U.S. Army for determining hydration level.

    What is a good night's sleep?

    When it comes to sleep, your body may function best when allowed to rest in chunks—a few hours of slumber followed by a period of awakening, then some more sleep. BBC News took an in-depth look at studies concerning how we may have slept before the advent of electric lamps. The practice of polyphasic sleep (breaking rest times up into periods) has been around since ancient times—and while the particulars can be arranged to suit the person; the only set-in-stone rule is to get at least 90 minutes of sleep per cycle.

    How could this seemingly unorthodox sleep strategy affect your life?

    Champions say the benefits are several:
    • Less total sleep time means more hours awake and productive (even if “productive” means spending time in prayer)
    • Sleep quality is improved
    • No more lying awake at night—when you wake up, get up
    • More lucid dreaming
    • Elevated release of the prolactin hormone, which produces a sense of calmness

    You can’t add hours to the day; we all get just 24 hours of Monday until Tuesday rolls around—but you can capture more hours within those precious 24 by incorporating the chunking concept. A typical “hacked” sleep pattern, for example, might be 4 hours of base sleep per day, followed by 10 hours of activity, then 2 hours of sleep and 8 more hours of activity. In that way, sleep time is kept to 6 hours total for the day, and wake time may be conducted with more energy and focus.

    Use with care

    Anyone considering tampering with sleep cycles would do well to talk it over with a physician. It’s a tough subject, most doctors will tell you to get at least the magic eight hours, but there is certainly room for debate. One warning: the sleep-deprived individual is a poor judge of how badly he or she really needs to take a nap. If your friends are telling you to take a nap, you probably should.
    Experiment, if you will … but use caution. Stay open to change, but remember: sleep and water are high on the list of life’s necessities.

    Author Lane Goodberry focuses on health and wellness topics.

    Got Supplements? The Trends for 2012

    Supplements have been a cornerstone of the heath & fitness industry for many years. And they aren’t going anywhere. As consumers look for more and better ways to address their health needs quickly and conveniently, supplements are a necessity.

    To get an idea of the supplement landscape in 2012 it’s necessary to move past whey protein and trendy energy drinks and cut right to the heart of what people actually want to get out of their supplements.

    Gummies and Chewables

    Pills are a turn off for a lot of people-- it’s not just kids who struggle with them. So, in what’s something of a head-slapping innovation, many more products are now being marketed to adults in gummy, chewable, quick-dissolve and beverage additives. All of these options make it easy to supplement your diet with the unpleasantness of popping a pill.

    Immune Boosters

    One constant with those who use supplements is that they have no desire to get sick. This is where immune boosting supplements come into play. Vitamin C supplements have always been popular and will continue to be in 2012. This particular vitamin is necessary for collagen formation and maintenance of bones and teeth. It can help treat or prevent everything from the common cold to cardiovascular disease.

    Speaking of colds, when those winter months roll around and the sniffles crop up, there are few natural supplements more adept at staving off the illness and boosting immunity than Echinacea. This all natural supplement derives from an herb commonly found throughout the U.S. and Canada. And with 21 million in sales in 2011, it’s safe to say this supplement will maintain its popularity in the coming months.


    Antioxidants are always popular for those interested in improving their overall health. And while most health nuts are happy to ingest antioxidants, many don’t precisely understand their function. Antioxidants protect cells against the negative effects of free radicals – molecules produced when the body breaks down food. Free radicals can even be produced by environmental factors, such as radiation, smog and tobacco smoke. Over time free radicals can damage cells and have even been linked to serious illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer.

    Antioxidants are found in various fruits and vegetables, including the ever-popular acai berry. Acai supplements will continue to be popular in 2012 because this Brazilian fruit contains mass amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Acai supplements are touted with neutralizing harmful agents in the body, maintaining heart health and promoting good digestion and liver health.

    Green tea supplements are also purported to have a number of health benefits. These include: preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, promoting weight loss and lowering blood pressure. Obviously people can reap the benefits of green tea supplements simply by drinking green tea, but supplements may be convenient for those without the time or inclination to drink multiple cups of this tea per day.

    Skin and Hair Care

    Maintaining a healthy and attractive appearance is always a high priority for most people, and this is where fatty acid supplements, such as omega-3, 6 and 9 supplements, can help. These fatty acids are oftentimes derived from fish oil and indeed many of the omega supplements may carry this particular label. These fatty acids are primarily used to prevent skin from drying out. Not only do these supplements keep skin looking young but studies have shown they can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease as well.

    Hair care is also important to many health-oriented consumers, and supplements can help in this area, too. Vitamin D supplements, in particular, help keep the scalp and hair healthy, adding a youthful sheen. Certain oils, such as fish oil and coconut, can also keep the hair and scalp healthy.

    Weight Loss

    Because weight loss supplements are so popular, it can be difficult sifting through the hundreds of products to find the ones that are most effective. Interestingly, calcium supplements are becoming more and more popular as a weight loss tool. While most know calcium as important to bone health, it can also help people lose fat while maintaining muscle.

    Fiber supplements are also going to continue to be popular in 2012. While fiber has long been known as an effective weight loss supplement, its general effectiveness leads many to the conclusion: if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Fiber supplements work by keeping a person feeling full. And in simple cause and effect -- the more full one feels the less likely they are to eat.

    In the end, there are many supplements on the market that address all kinds of issues. Some of these are blasts from the past, while others are modern trends, developed from new scientific research, that are capturing the imaginations of all those interested in health and fitness.

    Image courtesy:

    Alena writes extensively about the best supplements online and bodybuilding supplements. She is a personal trainer and nutritional consultant in the San Diego area.

    10 Natural Beauty Tips You Can't Live Without

    1. Drink Plenty of Water. By drinking water and cutting out soda, your skin will look amazing. Water is important to the appearance and health of your body.

    2. Eat nutritious foods. You have to feed your body with nutritious foods on the inside in order to obtain the best appearance on the outside. You need to have an exceptional blank canvas. Makeup never looks as good on skin that hasn't been taken care of. Even if you do not wear makeup, I'm sure that you will even more so want your skin to look fabulous.

    3. Omega 3-Fatty Acids, which are found in foods like salmon, will improve your skins condition as well as making your hair shiny. Fish oil supplements are beneficial as well as supplements like Biotin which help improve the appearance of your skin and nails.

    4. Take a multi-vitamin each day. You don't want to be deficient in any vitamin that your body needs. A deficiency may show up in the quality of your skin, nails, and hair.

    5. Exercise is extremely important to your physical appearance. Cardio and strength resistance will perk your body up and create a glow of beauty as well as the health benefits involved. So go and pick up a dumbbell and tone your skin to perfection.

    6. Rest. Sleep is directly related to the well being of your skin. If you are not getting the proper sleep, it can wreck havoc on your skin. Looking well rested and refreshed is imperative.

    7. Moisturize your skin. Vitamin E oil, olive oil, coconut oil, are great natural moisturizers. Even if you have oily skin, it is important to nourish your skin with proper moisturizer. You will be surprised that your oily face will actually become less oily. Your makeup will go on smoother and not seep down into the pores of your skin. One tip that works well is before you get out of the shower and dry yourself off, put moisturizer on your skin. It will feel fabulous. You can keep it on your skin for about a minute, and then wipe off any excess. This is a great skin booster.

    8. Stay out of the sun and use an SPF moisturizer if you do intend to go out in the sun. Summer or winter, the sun can age your skin extremely fast. Limit sun exposure especially to bare skin less than 10 min a day. Some sun exposure is ok, but in very limited amounts. Sun exposure=wrinkles, and it's difficult to erase the damage once it's done.

    9. Do not smoke. Smoking causes wrinkles and is definitely not naturally appealing. Nicotine stays on your skin, hair, and body. Teeth become discolored.

    10. Reduce stress in your life. Stress always ages the body. Learn to create positive energy and block out negativity in your life. You will feel less drained and look well rested.

    Natural Beauty Tips: A Guide To Mineral Makeup

    Mineral makeup products give your skin a flawless look, a clean, healthy glow, and excellent coverage in a natural way. Mica, the key ingredient found in these mineral-based cosmetics, set mineral makeup apart from all other beauty products. You may have heard the word mica in your high school science class - it is the material that makes various rocks shimmer and shine.

    When mica is used in cosmetics, it is ground up into a very fine powder. Since mica is transparent, it doesn't cover up your flaws and blemishes, but what it does do is reflect light so that your flaws and blemishes seem to disappear. Mica comes in a wide array of finishes, from a matte finish to a shimmering shine. The finish that you choose depends on your personal preference.

    In addition to mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two other ingredients that are found in mineral cosmetics. Both of these minerals are white in color and provide mineral makeup with skin coverage qualities. These two minerals are also finely ground into powder, and mixed together with the mica to create mineral cosmetics.

    There are some other minerals that give this type of makeup its color, the main one being iron oxide. Iron oxides are found in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, black, and yellow. Iron oxides can be combined to create all types of mineral-based makeup shades, since the three primary colors can be mixed into secondary colors.

    There are several benefits of wearing mineral makeup. The first is that most brands of mineral cosmetics have an SPF rating of 15. This is due to the high quantities of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that are found in the makeup. Bare Minerals, the leading mineral cosmetics company, has the seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation for its sunscreen protection. Another benefit of this makeup is that it is safe to use on sensitive skin. This is mostly due to the fact that mineral makeup consists of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that provide hydration for your skin and give it a natural glow.

    Women who experience fine lines, age spots, dark under eye circles, or an uneven skin tone can reap the benefits of mineral cosmetics to achieve a more youthful look. Mineral makeup will not seep into wrinkles or fine lines like traditional makeup can. In fact, some brands of mineral makeup contain extra vitamins that help to prevent wrinkles. This type of makeup can last all day without the need for any touch-ups, and it will not run or cake in hot and humid weather.

    Monochrome| Najwa trend

    Monochrome| Najwa trend

    it is summer time and people used to wear colourful clothe, look for a change and wear monochrome shocking blue to feel the ocean. it is mystery, drama and clean with freshness.

    Pair it with pearl pointed shoes, neon necklace and printed clutch. This trend is perfect for afternoon friends gathering, this trend complements petite body shape.

    You can have semblance look by shopping from H&M, Clutch from MaisonBo-M (if you are in Jeddah and Riyadh), and necklace from Juicy couture.

    Share with me your photos and follow me on Twitter @naldardeer instagram @naldardeer and like my Facbooke: Najwa image consultant.

    Monochrome| Najwa trend by najwaimage featuring satin pumps

    Body Image Backfire

    From an article-length post on BoingBoing today, "Modernizing Modesty:  The Hijab and Body Image"

    In an ironic twist, Hijab-wearing Muslim women are falling prey to the same thing their choice of garb ostensibly protects them from: a relentless bombar [sic] of distorted female body images.
     Read more.

    Your style

    The inner elements create your own style.

    Being timeless, sporty, feminine or other all depends on inner desires and believes

    personal style

    Your style stays but trends come and go .. 

    Fashion is nothing to do with one's style is like taking a break from your own style. Fashion is more of a dream, a show, a fantasy, the excitement of wearing something out of your world. 

    At the end it is great to be stylish as need lots of practice to find yourself, but not great to be fashionable.

    Being stylish means wearing trends with yourown touch, turning every piece of clothe to your own to present yourself, your personality 

    The image consultant work with you and help you grasp on the essence of your colors, body type, your taste and preference ...

    personal style by najwaimage featuring a cap sleeve dress

    5 Tips to Make Skin Look Younger

    Not everyone has great skin by nature, sometimes it takes a lot of work to accomplish this. In order to make your skin look more beautiful, there are a lot of tips you can use. These are going to take some dedication and commitment, but they aren't very difficult.

    1) Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

    Vegetables are recommended at five servings per day for a reason. These are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs. When the body has all these nutrients, the skin is going to benefit. It will get rid of toxins, glow from the minerals and feel softer as well. Eating fruits that are full of antioxidants is also great for the skin. These will clear out toxins so your face looks clear and younger.

    2) Get More Sleep

    The skin repairs itself when you go to sleep. If you aren't getting enough rest at night your face is going to show it in the morning. This will make your skin look dull and lifeless. In addition to this, dark bags will start to appear and deepen underneath the eyes. Lack of sleep can also result in the skin developing wrinkles much more quickly than it would have otherwise.

    3) Use Sunscreen Each Day

    Sunscreen is absolutely essential if you want to keep your skin looking younger and healthier. This will protect the delicate skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Even if you are going out for just a few minutes, use sunscreen. There are a lot of different foundation makeup brands that have sunscreen in their formulas. Switch to using these so you can get the coverage needed to protect the skin. Repeated sun exposure will result in looking older, having more wrinkles and having skin that just looks damaged.

    4) Use Skincare Products

    Skincare regimens are extremely important when it comes to keeping the skin looking good. Cleansers, exfoliation creams and moisturizers are going to be required. There are a lot of different brands that make these for all skin types. It's important to know whether you have dry, oily or combination skin before you buy the products. This will help make sure you are not going to irritate the skin with them. Using these on a daily basis will make a big difference with the way your skin glows and how it feels.

    5) Take Makeup Off

    This is one mistake that a lot of women make each night. Cosmetics are full of a wide variety of chemicals that seep into the pores. When these aren't taken off at night the skin won't be able to perform repairs as normal. The chemicals are going to cause irritation, which will result in zits. Makeup is not meant to be left on the skin overnight, no matter what brand or type.
    Robert is skincare and healthcare expert that has a lot of experience with dermatology. He writes many articles for Acne24.Net, which is a website that contains comprehensive skin care information. Visit the website if you want to read about the best acne treatment and other useful information.

    Actos Health Risks and the Benefits-Risks Ratio Rule

    There are health risks that go with any type of drug, be it prescription or nonprescription. The rule of thumb is, for as long as the expected benefits from a certain drug outweigh all its possible health risks, then it is worth a try.

    The benefits-risks ratio protocol seems appropriate until you consider how a drug’s safety profile is established particularly for prescription ones. From then, it becomes dubious.

    As of this writing, the Food and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) drug approval system largely addresses efficacy profile prior the launch of a new drug and the safety profile during a postmarketing surveillance (PMS). That means as a standard practice, a drug is refined, validated or denied after a drug has been released on the market. The information from consumers, who in the hope for some relief decided to use the drug but in the process contracted a disease, will be vital to the process.

    Suffice to say, while you are being convinced that a prescription drug’s benefits offset its dangers, the physician has no solid clue about the degree of its risks.

    This is the case with Actos, the current best-selling diabetes drug in the country.

    Bladder cancer is certainly Actos’ chief health risk. Confirmed by three large-scale studies in 2011, Actos carries a 40 percent increased risk for bladder cancer. For the more than 2.3 million Americans who were prescribed Actos in 2010, the development deserved the growing number of Actos lawsuits.

    Occupying the second spot is congestive heart failure (CHF). Actos and its heightened risk for CHF was established by a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2007. In the same year, The FDA merited Actos and other thiazolidinediones (TZDs) a black box warning, the toughest caution the drug agency gives to any prescription drug with debilitating health risk.

    However, it seems that the atmosphere in the medical community in 2007 was like that of The Emperor’s New Clothes: no one dared to point that the emperor had no clothes. Everybody went with the hype and believed, oh yes, the emperor had new, elegant, for great-mind-only clothes!

    In the case of Actos, no medical practitioner dared to stop or even slow down prescribing the drug. They actually overprescribed even after FDA deemed Actos causing debilitating health risk. As a result, Actos became one of the top-grossing drugs in the country in 2008. Worst, Actos raked in as much as $4.6 billion in sales in 2010.  The belief that Actos’ benefits are still worth its risks continues.

    Rounding off the top three Actos side effects are liver damage and kidney dysfunction. Premarketing trial revealed that Actos could also cause a rise in alanine aminotransferase (ALT) enzyme three times above the normal level. Increase in ALT is a sign of heart problems, kidney dysfunction, and liver damage.

    This Saturday, May 12: Egyptian Alignment and Hipwork Technique Intensive

    On the agenda for this Saturday, in the third of five sessions in my "Oriental Dance Deconstructed" workshop series:

    We’ll begin with a comprehensive overview of the kinesthetic anatomy of the core, individually locating the psoas, quadratus, oblique abdominal, rectus abdominal, and transverse abdominal muscles, then recruit these muscles into action to initiate Egyptian isolations:

    •    Up-and-down hips (in the manner of Soheir Zaki) with travel variations
    •    Lumbar contract-and-release accents with weighted, unweighted, and travel variations
    •    Weighted down "internal" styling for small hip circles
    •    Weighted hip articulations to the front, with Fellahi, Oriental, and Social dance variations
    •    Weighted and unweighted twists
    •    Several step-touch variations
    •    3 Egyptian Double Drop variations
    •    Egyptian styling for horizontal-plane figures of 8
    •    Several "jewel" movements (compound twisting-and-shifting vocabulary), travel and pivot variations, and jewel transitions
    •    Large hip circles
    •    Hagallah shimmy
    •    Straight-leg Egyptian shimmy

    If time permits, we'll also revisit some of last session's undulation vocabulary, and look at compound Egyptian movements with undulation elements.

    Depending on the headcount, I'm considering a venue change, so if you're coming please either pay in advance to confirm your spot, or contact me personally with a definite commitment to pay at the door.

    The prepay discount is officially gone, but if you're able to pay in advance this week for the last three sessions of the series (Egyptian hipwork this Saturday;  Arms, Shoulders, Hands, and Head Isolations on 5/19; and Footwork and Turns on June 16), I can offer you a slightly reduced rate.  (Single sessions are $30 each).  Call or email.

    Paypal link:

    Contact me at:, 917-686-1622, or if we're "friends" you may send me a message via Facebook.

    Best Eco Friendly Cosmetics

    Having concern for the future of our planet is a good thing. You use green cleaners because they are safer for the environment. You recycle because it's the right choice. You buy items whose packaging is made of recycled material or biodegradable. You drive an eco-friendly car, and you are always in search of how you can do more for the planet.

    Makeup is now one of those items that can be added to the green list. Many companies are getting rid of their harmful chemicals and replacing them with safer ingredients. Others are eliminating their old packaging and replacing it with more eco- friendly options.
    If you're interested in eco friendly makeup, the following are our top four cosmetic brand choices that you need to check out.

    1. Jane Iredale

    All of Jane Iredale products put health and natural beauty at the forefront. Their products use natural ingredients that allows the skin to breathe and eliminates environmental pollutants. Each and every product provides protection from UVA and UVB rays and uses chemical-free sunscreens. Jane Iredale makeup does not contain chemical preservatives, perfume, alcohol or chemical dyes. Instead, they use zinc oxide and titanium oxide that help calm the skin.

    2. Physicians Formula Organic Wear

    Physicians Formula products have been a staple in many cosmetic bags throughout the years. Along with the regular line that you may be accustomed to, Physicians Formula also has an organic line. It was the first ECOCERT certified organic makeup line in America. All of the line's products contain 100% certified organic ingredients. Each product is also packaged in eco-friendly paper instead of plastic. This line does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives. They also pride themselves on being 100% cruelty free.

    3. Cargo PlantLove

    Cargo has tried its hand at organic makeup and created Cargo PlantLove, an ECOCERT certified line of makeup. This line contains biodegradable packaging made entirely out of corn, and the products themselves are made from 100% natural ingredients. Along with packaging and products, the process in creating PlantLove products is also completely eco friendly.
    PlantLove products do not use synthetic dyes or fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens or phthalates.

    4. Juice Beauty, The Alicia Silverstone Collection

    Alicia Silverstone teamed up with Juice Beauty to launch a green cosmetic line comprised of five products. Each product is made from organic materials and is animal friendly. Juice Beauty believes that organic ingredient are much more beneficial for the skin as well as the environment. When makeup products contain harmful chemicals, these ingredients are absorbed through your skin. Juice Beauty wants to change that.
    Some people make the mistake in thinking that green products cost more, but all of these products are priced reasonably compared to their non-organic counterparts.
    If green products are on your radar, these are four cosmetic brands you need to try. Some simply use safe, organic ingredients while others combine the organic ingredients with green packaging. All of them are safe for the environment and safe for your skin.
    Erin Stevenson is a stay at home mom with two teen daughters. She likes to use enviromently safe chemicals and eco friendly beauty products.

    Photo credit: starfish75