Natural Beauty Tips: All About The No-Poo Method

The thought of not washing your hair with shampoo may be off-putting at first, but many people have found that their hair looks healthier than it has in years with the no-poo, short for "no shampoo", method. Shampoo, which was created in the early part of the 20th century, has mineral oil as an ingredient in many formulas. Mineral oil is a by-product of crude oil, and some people do not feel comfortable using over-the-counter shampoos for this reason.

There are several benefits to going shampoo-free. First of all, shampoo is a detergent, and it contains chemicals that can strip the healthy oils from your hair. While shampoo cleans your hair, it also removes the beneficial hair shaft oils that your body produces naturally. These oils are meant to keep your hair silky and strong.

You can also save a good bit of money by not having to purchase shampoos each month, as some brands are costly. If you try to save money by using the cheap shampoos, you may find that these formulas work poorly in keeping your hair looking clean and shiny, which results in the need to buy a more expensive shampoo. Also, many people prefer to buy shampoo in conjunction with conditioner, which is another added expense. Other hair products, such as gels, detangle sprays, and mousses, are not only an additional expense but may also leave unwanted build-up on your hair.

The first step in embracing the no-poo method is to find natural products that are good for your hair to replace your shampoo, conditioner, and all of your styling products. Baking soda works great as a replacement for shampoo: it is gentle on your hair, has little to no alkaline, and does not build up in your hair. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water, and you can create some no-poo.

You can tweak the no-poo recipe as needed. If you have thick hair, you may need more of this mixture, and if you have thin hair, you may need less. Place the mixture into a squeeze bottle, shake the bottle until the baking soda dissolves, and then get ready to apply the solution to your hair. Wet your hair, squeeze some of the mixture from the bottle onto your hair, massage it in well, and then rinse it out. The no-poo process only has to be done once a week if you have short hair and twice a week if you have longer hair.