What to Know About Alcohol Addiction

Do You Suffer From Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction to alcohol can be dangerous and even deadly. It builds up a tolerance in your body and causes the system to crave more and more. This further encourages a devastating addiction to alcohol. Most people with addiction to alcohol will deny there is any problem, thus leaving the chemical to damage even more of their internal organs. Alcohol will affect every organ in the human body causing illness and eventual shut down of some organs like the liver or kidneys.

Side effects of alcohol abuse are:

- Insomnia
- Irritability
- Poor judgment
- Anxiety
- Confusion
- Shakes
- Depression
- Fatigue
- Sweating
- Nausea and vomiting
- Loss of appetite
- Violence
- Alcohol poisoning

With long-term abuse, chirrosis of the liver, dementia, central nervous system damage, jaundice, cherry argiomas of the skin, and blackouts can occur along with the other side effects. When someone has an addiction to alcohol and has abused, it for a period of time, they will also most likely suffer social problems, legal problems and relationship problems. Basically, alcohol addiction can cause complete devastation in one's life.
The Alcohol Detox Process
Alcohol detox symptoms can be dangerous and can even cause coma or death. Detoxification from alcohol abuse must be monitored by professionals in a safe medically controlled environment. Self detox or home detox takes lives when things get complicated.

Alcoholism can affect any age, nationality, or background. Anyone who abuse alcohol can fall into the dangerous levels of alcoholism. To give you an idea of the dangerous realm of alcohol detox symptoms and of alcohol abuse damage pay attention to these symptoms that arise from abusing alcohol:

To begin with alcohol abuse will cause side effects such as:

- Headaches/migraines
- Insomnia
- Irritability
- Restlessness
- sweating
- Nausea, moiting, diarrhea
- Weakness
- Depression

Alcohol detox symptoms can be very dangerous. Alcoholism is a disease that affects every organ in the human body. When alcohol abuse has become an addiction and a disease it brings more serious complications. These can range from:

- Anorexia
- Anxiety
- Catatonia
- Euphoria
- Fear/hallucinations
- Palpitations
- Psychosis
- Seizures
- Tachycardia
- Hypertension
- Dementia
- Death
Another alcohol detox symptom is organ de-saturation. When saturation has occurred, many organs become damaged and don't work efficiently any longer. This alcohol detox symptom can be difficult to tolerate without medical supervision. Cravings are another alcohol detox symptom that is difficult to bear.

When an alcohol abuser enters a treatment facility for detoxification and treatment, a team of professionals work to assess, detoxify, counsel and safely monitor our clients during their alcohol detox symptoms. Therapeutic programs and strategies are also utilized to achieve lasting sobriety.

Getting Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many with alcohol addiction will be in a state of denial until much damage has been done to their lives, and will not ask for help until the long-term effects begin to appear or until friends or family intervene. If you know someone who has an addiction to alcohol guide them gently to get treatment. Do whatever you can to encourage them, reminding them of the awaiting dangers. Believe it or not, addiction to alcohol kills thousands every year, mostly because they will not get into treatment. Don't let this happen to you or your loved one. Treatment is available for all ages who have addiction to alcohol.

Let the professional team at alcohol rehab clinics, help you with your addiction to alcohol to avoid those long-term alcohol abuse dangers.
About the Author
Marilyn Kegley works with several alcohol rehab clinics to educate individuals about the dangers of substance abuse. After watching numerous loved ones struggle with addiction, her goal is to help as many people as possible get effective and successful rehabilitation treatment.

Who are you?!

You are a component of four main elements; Memories, believes, sensations and desires All those elements direct, create and describe your behaviors toward the world. And people people are different because of the variation in the four elements.
how do you choose clothes
Your inner can be windowed through your vocal communication and your body language.
I believe that we create people’s perceptions, and I believe that we sometime got caught under misunderstanding situation that could cause missing opportunities.
Norah everyday
Casual personality 
Hence, it is extremely important to tune our external image on with our internal elements; believes and desires, then we would be aware of the messages we send to the universe. We would share our common believes and values with people to get the support that we need from others to success.

But how would we know what messages we are sending ? To be continued ….

Natural Beauty Tips: Preventing Hair Loss

Though all people naturally lose a certain number of hairs each day, excessive hair loss that leads to bald patches or receding hairlines can cause self-consciousness in young people. Some people find themselves dealing with hair loss due to hormonal imbalances, stress, or a lack of nutrients, and in these cases, the situation can often be remedied through natural means. If you suffer from this problem and want to find safe and organic ways to strengthen your hair follicles, then learn how ingesting foods and supplements that prevent hair shedding can help to restore your confidence in your appearance.

Eating a balanced diet that offers all of the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health is a good deterrent for premature or excessive hair loss. Some people do not realize that their daily diets are not providing them with enough nutrients, so if you are concerned about a poor diet leading to hair loss, then consult with a nutritionist. Making either small or major adjustments in regard to the foods that you consume is a natural way to be proactive about hair loss. You may also want to take a daily supplement in order to ensure that you're receiving the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your hair healthy.

Some people who wish to prevent hair loss through natural means rather than through prescribed medications have success with using Chinese herbs. One of these herbs, Reishi mushroom, is sometimes used in natural hair tonics to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce the likelihood of hair falling out. Another herb, Polygonum multiflorum, helps to not only prevent hair shedding but also to boost the strength and color of the hair. Gingko biloba, a commonly-used herb due to its antioxidant properties, is another option for people want to slow the hair loss process. All of these Chinese herbs, while natural in composition, may cause side effects and should be taken under the supervision of an alternative medicine practitioner.

Aromatherapy blends, made with plant-derived essential oils such as thyme, cedarwood, and rosemary, work to slow hair loss in some people when they are applied to the scalp as topical solutions. When mixed with a base oil and applied to the scalp on a daily basis, these essential oils can strengthen existing hair and promote additional growth by encouraging blood flow and circulation. If you are inexperienced with combining aromatherapy oils, then seek the advice of an expert or buy a pre-blended topical solution from a health store.

Natural Beauty Tips: Styling and Caring For Gray Hair

Getting your first gray hair may cause you to feel older than you are, but there are several ways in which you can deal with the issue. If you have just a few grays, then you may choose to pluck them as they appear or dye them as they continue to grow in. A third option is to let your hair grow gray naturally while embracing your new look.

A number of people decide to maintain gray hair because it looks stylish and distinctive. Still others may cover their grays for a while, but eventually opt to save time and money by forgoing home or salon hair coloring. If you choose to let your hair grow in gray, then the process will be gradual, because grays usually show on the sides of the head first, then around the crown, and finally in the back. Those who choose to leave their hair as is while it grows in gray can follow a few useful tips in order to keep tresses looking shiny, healthy, and vibrant.

Many people, both men and women, opt to keep their hairstyles easy to manage when they have gray hair. A short hairstyle not only looks neater, but it is also practical and flattering for those with gray hair, which tends to be dry and coarse. Also, the shorter the hairstyle is, the longer it will take for other people to notice grays as they start to grow in.

Some people do not wish to wear their hair entirely gray, but do like the "salt and pepper" look. If this idea appeals to you, then you can try adding highlights to your hair. This will add subtle streaks of color that accents some of your gray hair while covering the other strands.

Over time, you may notice that your gray hair has a bit of a yellow tint due to air pollutants. To prevent this, you should use a purifying shampoo at least once a month in order to get rid of product build-up. Blue-tinted or silver-tinted shampoos for gray hair are also available - these are designed to gently get rid of any yellow cast while bringing out the natural gray color of your hair. Be sure that you saturate your hair completely when using these tinted shampoos, because if you do not thoroughly cover your hair with the product, then you will end up with uneven patches of gray.

Lessons In Motivating Yourself

So face it, if you are just starting out, creating a habit of regular exercise is not easy to do.  You really will have to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself if you want to get into a healthy habit and stay in shape.

However, there are times in the creation of a habit of exercising that you will just feel like it is not worth it, times when you are running on your treadmill and just do not want to go on anymore, and you will want to sink back into being unhealthy.  It is times like these that you will have to call upon your innermost desires and propel yourself forward; you will have to motivate yourself. 

Motivation is an interesting word, because in truth, it is very hard to actually motivate someone, including your own self.  There are some forms of motivation that come from outside sources and they in a sense cause us to move, or cause us to become something that is acted upon.  This type of motivation is superficial and has no real lasting effect on us.

However, there is another type of motivation, a type of motivation that works from the inside out.  It is a type of motivation created when we see something as it really is or how it can become.  In cases of exercise, we see ourselves as we really can become.

This second type of motivation is a type of motivation that stays with us and is internal; we ourselves are agents, choosing to move, instead of being forced or coerced to move.  This type of motivation is useful not only in fitness, but in everything we do, as it is how we make things happen.

To create this type of motivation, it really takes some deep thought to consider what you really want to become as a result of your exercise and you have to see yourself becoming it.  It has to become so tangible that you can recall what it feels like in times of distress or hardship; this is the type of motivation that will not break down.

Once you understand this type of motivation and have gained a true vision of things as they really are, you can propel yourself forward even when you feel like your body cannot do it anymore.  Eventually, the time will come, when both your vision of yourself on the inside and your vision of yourself on the outside will match and you will be able to achieve any reasonable goal you set your mind to.

About the author: Jessica Staheli is a health and fitness nut. She loves to write about being healthy and getting in shape. You can follow her at Google+

NOA couture

find more pictures at NOA COUTURE 

"From  the hot red sands of Arabia , comes a wind of change that below the imagination away...

From  stone to chiffon, from granules to crystals..Velvet bird"

This is how I started the fashion presentation of the outstanding Saudi fashion designer prince Noaf  bin Saud. Velvet bird is the name and inspiration of Noa couture new collection

The preparation went smoothly. All accessories were carefully picked, all fabric movement was considered to create the visual art. My work was to focus on the model's body movement and indulge it with the  outfits appearance to influence the viewers by feeling and touching the exciting of personality behind each look.

I loved how Noa couture trusted me to develop his desired images. All looks took us to Paris the city of fashion. Where art , fashion , architecture and creativity are met and blind for distinctive outfits.

I called his collection drama, dream, and queen ... 

Thank you Noa Couture for this enjoyable work. I had a good experience working with his new collection.

Joyful Practice

This inspirational post gives excellent advice on overcoming discouraging inner thoughts. While written from the perspective of a musician, the author's ideas can easily be applied to dance.
Over the years there has been something within myself that has been detrimental and negative to my playing music- the persistent feeling that I am not playing as well as others, and even worse that I’m not playing as well as I think I should be playing. These thoughts never fail to make me feel unhappy and inadequate. So why do I keep allowing myself to think this way if it only makes me unhappy?
The answer is that such thoughts become a habit. Habits, even negative habits, are within our comfort zone. It is comfortable to fall into habitual thinking because new thinking means going out on a limb and being uncertain and vulnerable.
Full post here.

Everyday Natural Beauty Tips for Women

It is entirely true that real beauty shines from the inside out; which means that how you feel about yourself inside, truly reflects on your appearance. If you have low self-esteem and generally don't feel good about yourself, eventually that's how you will appear to the outside world. Don't let people take advantage of your insecurities. Here are a few ways to boost your self-esteem that will make all the difference in your overall presence.

Getting enough sleep is imperative to your beauty regimen. Sleep is when your body regenerates itself during different times of the night. Interrupting this process will not only decrease your overall health, but can take a negative toll on your physical appearance. You may notice that when you get less sleep, you are starting to see bags under your eyes or circles as well as a less youthful glow. Aim to get about 8 to 10 hours of continuous sleep each night and you can see your body regenerate and look beautiful before your eyes.

Drinking plenty of water is essential to your body's health. Soda, coffee and alcoholic beverages don't count; they only add more toxins to your overwhelmed body. Water is what helps keep your optimal health as it cleanses the toxins out of your body and fills your cells. It has been recommended that everyone should drink about 8 glasses of water each day, but if your work doesn't allow you to leave for constant bathroom breaks, drink as much water as you possibly can. Switch your unhealthy drinks and swap them for a glass of pure water.

You may have a gorgeous and curvy body, but if you don't wear clothes that accent your curves in a positive way, no one will ever be able to tell. Most women feel self-conscious about their bodies because they may have a little extra on the hips, stomach or the back, but remember, everything can be hidden with just the right clothes. Consider your current body and think of outfits that can work appropriately for your figure. Just because a celebrity or a mannequin is wearing something at the mall, it doesn't mean it's the right outfit for you.

Hairstyle has a lot to do with how people will perceive you. A lot of people have outdated hairstyles or a style that doesn't complement their facial features. Arranging your hair in an unflattering way or having a bad haircut can age you years! Go out to your favorite salon and get a new haircut. You will automatically notice how different you may look, but in a positive way.

Department stores sometimes offer free makeovers at the makeup counters. This is mostly a great way for them to advertise their products, but it also works for you because you get a free lesson in makeup. Most people have a makeup routine that they stick to everyday, but letting someone else have a go can enhance your beauty in a way you never saw it before. Always remember, less is more!

Your beauty really shines on a higher level when you are comfortable and happy being you. I sincerely hope the tips in this article have highlighted some great ways you can start feeling happy about a new you.

California School of Artistic Whistling

Another untapped fusion concept:

California School of Artistic Whistling

"A whistling act designed by Miss Woodward, combining whistling, gestures, steps and plastic posing--with the addition of changing colored lights.  Produced with great success at Grauman's Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles.

I wonder if there's a certification program?

Click on the picture to learn more about Artistic Whistling.

Coming Up: “Undulations, Vertical 8s, and Ribcage Isolations” on April 21

Undulations, Vertical 8s, and Ribcage Isolations is the second of a five-part workshop series, Oriental Dance Deconstructed.  This week's syllabus includes:
  • Pelvic Undulations
    • over a basic stance 
      over a staggered stance 
      walking forward and back 
      turning and traveling sideways 
      with level-change variations 
      over one foot, with 2 variations (lyrical and Saidi) for following through with the free leg 
      over one foot with 3 twisting variations and modern Egyptian variation 
      undulation stylization for hip drops and double drops 
      undulation stylization for horizontal-plane figures of 8 
  • Reverse pelvic undulations with travel variations
  • Horizontal-plane ribcage circles
  • Vertical ribcage circles, “U”s, and “n”s
  • Chest lifts and drops
  • Sagittal ribcage circles and reverse sagittal ribcage circles
  • Beledi step-touch and other accenting with sagittal ribcage circles
  • Full-torso undulations
  • Upper body figures of 8 up, down, and twisting 
  • Lower body figure of 8 up and down ("maya") with American, Egyptian, and Turkish variations for flat feet and lifting heels
  • Single-hip vertical circles with travel variations
  • Full torso figure of 8 up and down with American, Egyptian, and Turkish variations for flat feet and lifting heels
  • Egyptian "up and over" 8
  • Lower body or full torso 8s as a stylization for shimmies and hip drops
  • Full-torso undulation accents
    • up to the front
      up to the back
      down to the back
      up to the side
      down to the side 
If time permits, we'll also look at some techniques for safe backbends, and incorporating backbends into undulations and upper body circles.

If you have not yet confirmed your spot, please pre-pay or RSVP.  Please note, registration is closed for the Foundations session at 2:00, but spots remain for the Master class from 3:00 -5:00.

Andropause - Effects on Manhood

Andropause, otherwise known as male menopause, is that stage in a man’s life where he experiences the effects of aging along with the signs and symptoms related to the reduction in the production of testosterone. This is common among men aged between 45 and 65 years old, although there are those that go through this in their early 30s.


Andropause have various effects on the physical, emotional, and wellbeing of a man. Their most common concern is associated with sexual disturbance. Men who undergo this condition suffer from erectile dysfunction and decreased libido as an effect of the reduced levels of testosterone in their bodies.

Aside from these, it can also cause a decrease in the bone density as well as the muscle mass and strength. Sweating, hot flashes, and fatigue are also very common along with impaired memory, difficulties in concentration, and sleep disturbances. Its emotional effects are bought about by changes in the body and mind, leading to irritability, anxiety, depression, and mood swings.


Andropause is generally not life-threatening. The problem with this condition is that is can be very bothersome for many men. Also, it can open up the body to conditions that are potentially very dangerous to the health. This is, however, very rare as many men do not exactly experience all the symptoms to a large degree.

Still, it is not wrong to assume that this condition does have an effect on the quality of life of any man going through it. Its effects on sexual function, appearance, and emotional wellbeing are apparent. if these problems are ignored, they have a potential to get worse and can result in a variety of conditions such as diabetes, memory loss, anxiety, hair loss, and infertility, to name a few.

Recent studies have shown strong evidence on the relationship of low testosterone levels to the many forms of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. Middle-aged men that suffer from depression have also shown a strong link with that of low testosterone.


Andropause is not exactly considered  a medical condition today so there are no medications specifically formulated for it. There are, however, treatments that can somehow neutralize the symptoms that this condition brings about. Such treatments are actually only specific to one or two of its conditions. An approach that will treat all symptoms is testosterone replacement therapy but this is only prescribed to patients that suffer from too severe conditions.

There is actually no escape; a man should go through it. The best thing that he can do is to prepare for it by leading a healthy lifestyle early on. A positive attitude will also be a big help as this gives way to get a clearer view of the situation and have a clear perspective of it. It will also help to have a strong support system. The presence of family, friends, and spouses will be a big help during those times that the man does not feel at his best.

Resource Box:
Amy C. is a health enthusiast who tackles the most common issues that are related to the upkeep of the wellbeing of the human. She particularly tackles on the medical conditions that are specific on men and women. When she is not giving health advices and tips, she helps in the blogging and administration activities of DMac Industries, a b deck and steel deck fabrication company. Watch out for her other health advices on her next post.

Maison BO-M

If your not familiar with Maison bo-M boutique's concept then you need to know they like to present fashion as warble art. Last week i was helping Maison's team on their fashion show for Riyadh fashion days. I had amazing experience working with their fashion team.

Starting from choosing quality pieces to present in the gallery of Riyadh Fashion Days,To candidate models to present the grace of Saudi women and touch the hearts of the visitors.

MaisonBo-m always inspires me for their unique pieces of clothes that you can pop up with your personal style. In Riyadh fashion days We have styled each look according to the designers inspirations and desires to show their pieces but the main goal of the fashion show was to show case this year spring summer trends.

I appreciate the work with MaisonBo-m and their mission to promote our regional talents by constructing places with outstanding contemporary decoration and arranging events to be seen by internationals living in the capital of Saudi.

Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair

It is important to care for hair naturally, over colouring, over styling and poor diet are all factors that can be attributed to hair damage.  There are a number of factors you can take into account in order to improve the overall appearance and health of your hair, by providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals, leading a healthy lifestyle and following these natural beauty hair care tips, bad hair days will soon be left far behind.

Over washing hair and using to much lather can damage hair.  When hair strands are rubbed together, this causes friction, which can cause hair to tangle making it brittle and frizzy.  When washing hair, simply smooth a small amount of shampoo down the hair shaft towards the end to prevent fewer tangles. Conditioner can also help to soften the cuticle, by wrapping hair in cling film or a towel this helps to create a warm wet environment, which allows moisture to penetrate into the hair cuticle easily.  Leaving conditioner  on the hair for 15 minutes and then  rinsing with cold water helps to close the hair follicle down,  preventing excess moisture to penetrate the hair further  stopping frizz in its tracks.

A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair, problems with allergies, hair products and lack of vitamins can cause the scalp to flake.  Supplements that include vitamin A and Essential Fatty Acids are needed for healthy skin and hair, sweet almond or jojoba oil applied to the scalp is a great natural alternative that can be used to help counteract a dry flaky scalp.

Traction alopecia can be caused by over styling, when hair is pulled for extended periods of time or heat products are over used, hair weakens and eventually snaps and falls out. Stress can cause havoc on hair, as stress effect's the immune system, releasing adrenaline and other stress hormones that stimulate sebum production on the scalp, causing it to become over greasy.  Stress depletes vitamin C, an essential vitamin for the absorption of iron, which is a key nutrient for healthy hair.  An iron deficiency can have a dramatic effect on hair, causing it to shed and become dull and lifeless.   Eating iron rich foods such as red meat, pulses, dried fruit and green vegetables or taking an iron and vitamin supplement would be beneficial if you are suffering from poor hair condition.

Top Natural Beauty Tips and Secrets

We all want to look beautiful and improve our look, this is why we need to take care of our body on a daily basis, do exercise, take care of our skin, eat healthy foods and buy good clothes. But let me tell you some lesser known beauty tips and secrets:

Dull Hair Remedies

Apply lemon juice, mix it up with water, rinse for added shine
Apply Beer, after you apply shampoo, rinse hair with flat beer to add shine

Oily Skin

Create a mask with Garlic, anti bacterial properties make garlic a good treatment for acne.
Create a mask with apple and honey, mash them together and apply it to your pimples

Dry Skin Remedy

Use almond oil before foundation
Use banana, apply it to your face and let it there for 20 minutes

Exfoliation Remedies

Mix a quarter cup of ground coffee little salt using a tablespoon, rub in on your face
Apply pineapple to your skin and let it sit for 20 minutes

Nail Treatment

Olive oil moisturizes nails and also softens cuticles, prevents hang nails caused by dry skin.

Those are just a few beauty tips you can use at home to keep the beauty of your skin, you hair and nails, however you know that sometimes home remedies are not enough to protect our skin during the day and at night, we are constantly exposed to many toxins that damage our skin to later cause wrinkles and face lines.

Using an skin care cream that contain anti oxidants is a great way to protect your skin from free radicals caused by chemicals, alcohol, smoke, sun, pollution, etc. Also there are anti aging creams that can increase your levels of collagen and elastin to prevent and diminish wrinkles in your skin.

However is highly recommended that you only use natural creams made with organic ingredients that do not produce any side effects and that have been clinically proven to reduce the effects of aging.

Uncover Some Great Natural Beauty Tips For Your Face

Everyday, you make your skin prone to harsh chemicals that can cause permanent damage. Did you know that there are natural ways for cleansing, exfoliation, and in getting rid of visible scars? You can stop the use of commercial products now by simply following some of these beauty tips for your face.

Maintaining a clean and blackhead free skin can be hard at first, but if you put your heart to it, you will surely see great results in no time. You can begin with this mixture - cucumber juice, lime juice, and rose water. You will have a clearer complexion if you apply this every night regularly. Wash your face and apply the mixture. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.

To cleanse deep pores, you can use a mixture of un-boiled milk, lime juice, and salt. You can use this as a lotion. To get rid of blackheads, you can apply a mixture of glycerin, rose water, and lime juice. It's best to leave on overnight because it can also remove stains. Stains can be easily removed using mint juice applications consistently as well. You can have a glowing skin without dead cells by applying scrubbing lime peel or tomato on your face frequently. After fifteen minutes, you can now rinse with tap water and pat dry.

Do you have unwanted facial hair? You can remove it by making a paste out of sesame oil, wheat flour, and turmeric powder. Orange juice can be applied over the face as well to make it soft and smooth. You can try raw carrots paste for one hour. After rinsing, you will notice that your face has a different glow.

Now, the ideal way to for these natural ingredients to work fast depends on frequency of application. If you hardly follow the tips and do it when you feel like applying, you won't see visible results. The beauty tips for your face should be followed regularly and on a consistent basis. Even if the results can be seen after several weeks to months, it's worth the try because the ingredients are less costly.

Veil Dance

Kinetic Sculpture from David Wurtzel

Girly Girl Girls Grrrl Obama

You would think an article on female voters would be an appropriate place not to infantilize women. Clearly, you'd be wrong:

Autism Facts Every Parent Should Know

Everyone is encouraged to wear a ribbon this month to show support and help raise awareness of the struggles and issues surrounding  autistic children.

Since April is recognized officially in the United States as National Autism Awareness Month it ushers in a special opportunity to educate the public on some of the most puzzling questions that seem to plague areas related to the disease.

(1): What is Autism?
Autism represents a spectrum of complex neurological and developmental disorders that ranges from mild to severe. Its formal name is: autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and is characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, restrictive and repetitive behavior. Autism is the most severe form of the disease. A milder case is called Asperger syndrome.

(2): Early Signs of Autism
The earlier the diagnosis and treatment the better the prognosis. Some early signs include:
a. Unresponsiveness: the infant does not smile or interact with others
b. Fixation: focusing intently on one item
c. No response to name
d. At  age 1:  No babbling or any meaningful gestures
e. Not speaking by 16 months; loss of language and other social skills
f.  Poor eye contact
g. Repetitive movements

(3): How is it Diagnosed?
Only brain scans can truly provide accurate diagnosis. Another school of thought requires  a multidisciplinary approach that embraces neurological testing, language testing, and in depth cognitive assessments.

(4): Who is More Vulnerable to the Disease?
Autism and its milder form is linked to genetic factors and researchers are still trying to identify which of the genes contribute to a higher degree of susceptibility in children.

Children of all racial groups develop autism at the same rate, however, black children are less likely to be diagnosed earlier than whites. According to Martell Teasley, a researcher and associate professor in the College of Social Work at Florida State University, Tallahassee, gave the reason for delayed diagnosis in black children as: the “lack of access to quality, affordable, and culturally knowledgeable healthcare” and which includes cases of misdiagnosis.

(5): When Should Treatment Start?
Teasley recommends that Intervention and treatment should start at age 3: “Later intervention will result in poorer developmental outcome that can have a lasting impact on the child’s and family’s quality of life.”

(6) Do Symptoms Get Better or Worse Over Time
The National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS) advise that many symptoms improve with treatment and age.  Overall “people with an ASD usually continue to need services and supports as they get older” some adolescents may require treatment modifications as they transition into adulthood.

For more information on National Autism Awareness Month and how individuals can make a difference visit Autism Society and access a Puzzle Ribbon as well.

Article first published as Autism Facts Every Parent Should Know on Technorati.

A Knitted Uterus for Your Representative

Terry Tang/AP

Here's a great idea:

It's pink. It's fuzzy. It's a knitted cervix.

A group of enthusiastic knitters who want to send a message about better access to birth control: "Hands off my uterus: Here - have a knitted one of your own."

Arizona lawmakers received the unusual gifts at a crucial time -- lawmakers will vote on whether employers can choose not to cover their workers' birth control due to their religious or moral objections.

Ten Reasons Why Nuts Are Vital To Our Well-being

If people just took the time to stop and think about the health benefits of nuts, they would actually go nuts for them. Why? Because this seemingly small and inconsequential food source comes to you raw and ready to eat yet naturally high in calories and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. In fact nut nutrition is some of the best nutrition you can introduce into your everyday diet.

Scientists have been looking very closely at nuts and have discovered that just on their own, raw and unsalted nuts are quite simply one of the best food sources - right up there with daily portions of fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only are they nutritious, they are also high in calories and in fat. Now while with most food sources we would want to shy away from fat – especially animal fat such as meats and dairy products - nuts have a type of fat that is not bad for the heart – in fact they are the opposite; nuts are good for the heart.

Great for your heart
Nuts have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which, unlike animal and dairy fats actually help to lower your LDL cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol is the type that builds up on the walls of your arteries in the form a plaque – rather like the plaque you get on your teeth throughout the day. The difference is, you can’t brush your arteries the way you can your teeth. Narrowing of the arteries and blood vessels leads to high blood pressure, whereas with a daily diet of nuts, high blood pressure can be reduced. This in turn reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Offsets diabetes
Did you know that nuts can help stave off the effects of diabetes? Diabetics have higher triglyceride levels, which nuts can help to reduce. Nuts also act to stabilize blood sugar levels due to the fact they contain a hormone known as adiponectin. This hormone encourages your blood cells to absorb more sugar from the bloodstream thus preventing it from becoming too high.

Great for weight Loss
This may sound strange considering nuts are packed with calories and fat, but nuts can help you to lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. They are a filling and nutritious food source and therefore help you to feel fuller for longer by eating less quantities than less efficient food sources.

You can avoid the saturated fats of red meat simply by replacing nuts in the diet with a variety of tasty high protein recipes. Nuts provide great levels of protein and calcium.

Excellent source of fiber
Nuts are naturally high in fiber and therefore help to cleanse your overworked dietary tract. Try 100 grams a day of just about any nuts you want and notice the difference. Not only will you become more regular, you will also feel a new surge of energy.

Prevents Cancer
When there are too many toxins in the body the cells begin to divide themselves and weaken the immune system. Nuts are rich in antioxidants which can cleanse the body of toxins, thereby enabling cells to stay healthy.

Improves Memory
Again, due to the toxins in our body and metals that can permeate the blood flow to the brain, memory function can become affected, Scientists still don’t know why some people get more affected with memory malfunction than others, but once again, the antioxidants found in nuts can cleanse the body of toxins and unhealthy metals so that you can improve your memory and focus more clearly.

Good for the prostate
If you are pushing 50 and you have noticed that your urine flow is not what it once was, that’s a sign of a swollen prostate.  Once again, it’s time to turn to nuts. Nuts include a substance known as boron which can help reduce the swelling of the prostate. Various nuts and seeds have been effectively used for centuries to aid prostate problems.

Unsaturated fats
We have talked about unsaturated fats, and nut fat is unsaturated so it’s lighter on the arteries and doesn’t create fatty deposits.

Lower cholesterol
This naturally occurring good fat source in turn lowers cholesterol in two ways; by helping to cleanse the body and by reducing pressure caused by fat build up on the arteries.

Energy releasing food
Magnesium provides our body with a source of slow burning energy. Nuts and good nut recipes can help to process energy which in turn helps with muscle and nerve function.

No one is pretending that nuts are the be all and end all of any keep fit program, but they are a great food source when eaten by themselves, or when tossed into salads, smoothies and with a range of delicious oriental dishes. Give nuts a try.

John Grant is a printed writer on many subjects relating to the importance of balanced diets and backpacking around the world. He also writes on the nutritional importance of many natural foods available as he travels around Asia such as nuts.

Creativity in a "Post-Authentic" World

More inspiration from unlikely places...  The Daily News and Bruce Springsteen.  While obviously a discussion of music, readers of this blog and creators of nontraditional belly dance are likely to appreciate to the articles' observations about genre, creativity, self-expression, and creative constraints.

“We live in a post-authentic world,” Bruce announced to the young musical hopefuls. “The elements of what you’re using don’t matter. Purity of human experience and expression is not confined to guitars, to tubes, to turntables, to microchips. There is no right way, no pure way of doing. There is just doing.” 


Pronouncements like Bruce’s would seem eye-rollingly obvious to all those who’ve long felt there’s equal artistic expression in (still) often maligned art forms like rap, electronic music, teen pop or whatever unnameable new style arises to assault the conventions of song form and rhythm.

But for an old-school, hard-line rocker like Bruce to challenge musical divisions and hierarchies at this point says something key about where we are now and, perhaps, about where we might be heading.

Exercise To Enhance Cancer Treatment

Over the past fifty years cancer treatments have advanced to help patients that suffer from even the most advanced forms of the disease. While these treatments can help to prevent further growth and save lives, they also can cause drastic damage to a person’s physical strength. Mesothelioma treatment and chemotherapy are intense, but there are ways to stay positive and preserve your physical strength during your cancer treatment and recovery.

In 1997, a team of researchers found that walking on treadmills and participating in strength training can decrease both fatigue and pain during chemotherapy treatments.

Exercising during cancer requires a different mental focus than it does when you are healthy. Instead of focusing on losing weight or toning muscle, the goal of exercise during cancer is to maintain your health. To get the most out of your exercise routine as you are fighting cancer, focus on cardiovascular activity and strength training.

There are a number of potential benefits to gain from participating in exercise during cancer treatment, including:

•           Reduced nausea
•           Improved quality of life
•           Improved self-esteem
•           Lowered risk of heart disease
•           Reduced risk for depression and anxiety

Cardiovascular Activity

Walking on a treadmill is one leading form of cardiovascular activity. It is important not to push your body too far as you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. While many people are able to run, going for a brief brisk jog followed by a long walk on a treadmill is a great way to keep your heart rate up and rejuvenate your muscles during cancer treatment.

The treadmill is not the only option for cardiovascular activity. Take your walk outside and enjoy the trails or beaches in your community instead of confining yourself to a gym.

If walking is not ideal for you, then try riding your bike out in the sunshine instead. Stationary recumbent bikes are available at most gyms and are a great way to work your legs while using the stability of the bike to balance yourself during your workout.

Elliptical machines are another option for a cardio workout, as they will simulate running to get your heart rate up without causing any increased impact on your knees.

Strength Training

The American College of Sports Medicine considers strength training to be essential for chemotherapy patients in order to combat the possible bone and muscle loss that they are at risk for during their cancer treatment. Most gyms offer weight machines to help you during your workout. Weight machines can guide your workout, helping you to target specific muscles while reducing your risk for injury during your workout. However, you do not need fancy equipment for a good strength-training workout.

Push-ups, for example, are a great way to build your arm muscles using only your own body weight in the comfort of your own home.

To fit in a good strength-training workout, grab hand weights or resistance bands and find a spacious room to workout in. Holding the weights or resistance bands with your arms at your sides, begin doing arm curls, rotating each arm and doing as many repetitions as you feel comfortable for your strength level.

With resistance bands you can also focus on building strength in your lower body with leg extensions and leg curls, which can be done as you sit on the couch, lifting one leg and then the other.

For more information about the benefits of physical activity during cancer treatment, visit http://www.cancer.org/Treatment/SurvivorshipDuringandAfterTreatment/StayingActive/

Why Authenticity Is Hard; Why It's Essential

From the blogs at Forbes Magazine online:
Authenticity is hard because other people may seize on our weaknesses as proof of our unworthiness, rather than our humanity.

Authenticity is hard because we think what makes us human is our uniqueness, but it’s really our commonalities.

Authenticity is hard because we can lose track of our essence in daily compromises, accommodations, and dealings.
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