What to Know About Alcohol Addiction

Do You Suffer From Alcohol Addiction?

Addiction to alcohol can be dangerous and even deadly. It builds up a tolerance in your body and causes the system to crave more and more. This further encourages a devastating addiction to alcohol. Most people with addiction to alcohol will deny there is any problem, thus leaving the chemical to damage even more of their internal organs. Alcohol will affect every organ in the human body causing illness and eventual shut down of some organs like the liver or kidneys.

Side effects of alcohol abuse are:

- Insomnia
- Irritability
- Poor judgment
- Anxiety
- Confusion
- Shakes
- Depression
- Fatigue
- Sweating
- Nausea and vomiting
- Loss of appetite
- Violence
- Alcohol poisoning

With long-term abuse, chirrosis of the liver, dementia, central nervous system damage, jaundice, cherry argiomas of the skin, and blackouts can occur along with the other side effects. When someone has an addiction to alcohol and has abused, it for a period of time, they will also most likely suffer social problems, legal problems and relationship problems. Basically, alcohol addiction can cause complete devastation in one's life.
The Alcohol Detox Process
Alcohol detox symptoms can be dangerous and can even cause coma or death. Detoxification from alcohol abuse must be monitored by professionals in a safe medically controlled environment. Self detox or home detox takes lives when things get complicated.

Alcoholism can affect any age, nationality, or background. Anyone who abuse alcohol can fall into the dangerous levels of alcoholism. To give you an idea of the dangerous realm of alcohol detox symptoms and of alcohol abuse damage pay attention to these symptoms that arise from abusing alcohol:

To begin with alcohol abuse will cause side effects such as:

- Headaches/migraines
- Insomnia
- Irritability
- Restlessness
- sweating
- Nausea, moiting, diarrhea
- Weakness
- Depression

Alcohol detox symptoms can be very dangerous. Alcoholism is a disease that affects every organ in the human body. When alcohol abuse has become an addiction and a disease it brings more serious complications. These can range from:

- Anorexia
- Anxiety
- Catatonia
- Euphoria
- Fear/hallucinations
- Palpitations
- Psychosis
- Seizures
- Tachycardia
- Hypertension
- Dementia
- Death
Another alcohol detox symptom is organ de-saturation. When saturation has occurred, many organs become damaged and don't work efficiently any longer. This alcohol detox symptom can be difficult to tolerate without medical supervision. Cravings are another alcohol detox symptom that is difficult to bear.

When an alcohol abuser enters a treatment facility for detoxification and treatment, a team of professionals work to assess, detoxify, counsel and safely monitor our clients during their alcohol detox symptoms. Therapeutic programs and strategies are also utilized to achieve lasting sobriety.

Getting Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many with alcohol addiction will be in a state of denial until much damage has been done to their lives, and will not ask for help until the long-term effects begin to appear or until friends or family intervene. If you know someone who has an addiction to alcohol guide them gently to get treatment. Do whatever you can to encourage them, reminding them of the awaiting dangers. Believe it or not, addiction to alcohol kills thousands every year, mostly because they will not get into treatment. Don't let this happen to you or your loved one. Treatment is available for all ages who have addiction to alcohol.

Let the professional team at alcohol rehab clinics, help you with your addiction to alcohol to avoid those long-term alcohol abuse dangers.
About the Author
Marilyn Kegley works with several alcohol rehab clinics to educate individuals about the dangers of substance abuse. After watching numerous loved ones struggle with addiction, her goal is to help as many people as possible get effective and successful rehabilitation treatment.