Type 2 Diabetes – Are We Doing Enough to Raise Awareness?

Is type 2 diabetes taken as seriously as it should?  Mainly a preventable disease, its alarming rise has become as acceptable and downplayed as obesity. In fact obesity is the common thread that binds early onset diabetes.  Diabetes is not given the serious attention that it deserves, partly because the cause and effect of diabetes is not clearly defined.

Diabetes: Defined
Type 2 diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas in which needed insulin is not produced in adequate amounts in the body to metabolize blood glucose [sugar] for the cells. Without insulin the cells are starved of glucose, even amidst high levels in the blood. This is called hyperglycemia and is the primary contributor to cardiovascular diseases in diabetics.

When our cells are unable to metabolize glucose, it compensates for lack of energy by releasing stored fat and protein, broken down into ketone bodies. Because ketone bodies are acidic substances an individual is also at risk for ketoacidosis [formerly called diabetic coma].

Causes of Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is mainly a “lifestyle” disease.  Once prevalent among 40+ age groups is now common place among adolescents. Overwhelming evidence points to poor nutrition and lack of exercise as the primary cause. Ignorance and poor management of the disease introduce the second part of the equation.

Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes runs parallel to the rise in obesity.  In fact the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) links obesity-diabetes-inactivity much like a revolving door, one begets the other.  It is the 6th leading cause of death in the United State, with 1.3 million cases diagnosed per year.

Adding to this problem is a worsening economic climate. Increasing poverty among ethnic groups (Hispanic, Native American, Afro-Caribbean) limit choices to cheaper, less nutritious food selection.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) released a study published by New England Journal of Medicine supporting the fact that families who moved from poverty to marginally better neighborhoods experienced long-term “reductions in diabetes and extreme obesity.”

Effects of Diabetes on the Body
Diabetes effects are insidious. Many individuals are unaware of the disease until serious complications develop.  Hyperglycemia causes blockages in blood vessels of the eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Plaque buildup and narrowing of the arteries are common causes of heart diseases and stroke among diabetics. Poor circulation is another reason for foot amputations from gangrene.

So how do we address this epidemic? Direct educational campaign is a start. Clear understanding of diabetes, its cause and effects must become an active part of more governmental and private agency campaigns.

 Education and management are half the battle won against diabetes, the other half is up to you.

Sex Education in the City

Let's see what we learn from this article on sex education in city schools:

1) Some parents and religious leaders are outraged that schools plan to teach evidence-based information.

2) Despite the name, Fox "News" appears to be an entertainment program.

3) City officials are unfamiliar with the abstinence method of birth control.

4) Some parents want schools to offer abstinence-only indoctrination sessions as an alternative to education classes.

5) The Chinese government is incompetent.

6) Our government, not to be outdone in the incompetence department, wasted more than one billion dollars on abstinence-only indoctrination programs.

7) Last, but not least, President Obama magnanimously doled out a $250 million pay off, earmarked to undermine public health, to appease opponents of his health insurance reform.

Harnessing Time – the Art of Productivity


Have you ever had the experience of looking back on your week with the sinking feeling that you didn't get as much done as you'd hoped? When building a successful career or a business, your time is perhaps your most valuable asset, and your income is a direct result of how you spend your time.

This article looks at something we’re all trying to increase, productivity. Be it in our homes, at work or simply managing all the other every day tasks we set ourselves – we’ve listened to the experts and pulled together a list of helpful hints on how to harness the key to productivity.

Learn to speed read. Yes, even on this article! Look for the points most relevant to you and move on…

Just start. You’ve heard it before, but trust me it’s true - at times, starting is the hardest part. Once you get going, you will quickly get into a rhythm that could last for hours.

Exercise. Research has shown that midday exercise boosts productivity and morale in the workplace. Take a short walk at lunch to maximise your productivity or take up a relaxing exercise such as Yoga – great for body and mind.

Love what you do. We know it’s not always easy (there are days we all feel the world is against!) Enjoying what you do is the ultimate way to increase your productivity – it’s a pleasure, not a chore!

Complete your most dreaded tasks first thing in the morning. Whichever activity you are dreading the most is probably the one you need to complete first thing in the morning.

Learn to say “No”. We can’t do everything and therefore we must learn when to say no in order to save our sanity.

Single-handling.  Once you begin a task, stick with it until it’s 100% complete.  Don’t switch tasks in the middle.  When distractions come up, jot them down to be dealt with later.

Tell other people about your goals and you will instantly be held accountable. People remember things long after you tell them. By setting yourself up to have a vision and objective for the future and sharing it you’ll feel you need to get these goals into motion. 

Shop online whenever possible to avoid going to the shops for hours on end (You’re here – why not start today?)

Get plenty of sleep. When you work online, sleep can become a long lost memory. However, it’s important to get plenty of sleep so that your working hours can be as productive as possible. Try a little aromatherapy oil on your pillow, wearing comfortable pyjamas, having a warm bath and drink or short read are all said to help create a good sleep routine.

Glittering prizes.  Give yourself frequent rewards for achievement.  See a movie, book a professional massage, or spend a day at an amusement park. Most of all, don’t feel guilty about taking this time off – you deserve it!

Eliminate all distractions. This includes the phone, email notifications, and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop.

Intuition.  Learn to trust your gut instinct. It will get rid of hours of deliberation (Plus It’s probably right!)

Keep a notebook and pen on hand at all times. This way, you can write down your thoughts, to-dos, and ideas at any time. The key is to get everything out of your head and onto paper. This way, your subconscious mind won’t be reminding you about it every other second.

Listen to educational audio books while you’re driving to work, cleaning the house, exercising, or cooking dinner. Audio learning has the power to add hours to your day. Not to mention, your cranium is sure to thank you for it.

Author, Gill Owen from Lovestretch.com
As a business woman and pilates teacher, founder Gill Owen wanted to find non-restrictive clothing with style, quality and versatility at it's heart. Buying with this in mind, Gill sought out the best stretchwear brands from across the globe to create an online boutique offering stylish, chic and enduring fashion, which provides comfort throughout the day.

Thanks also to productivity experts: Steve Pavlina & Kim Roach


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"It is a disaster for Libyan women"

Rebel Libyan Dude in Charge: We won! Tyrant dead, country free, time to move on. Most pressing order of business ...

Libyans: Um, security, a functioning government?


Libyans: Economy?

RLDC: Pfft!

Libyans: Health, education, infrastructure?

RLDC: Don't be silly, people. First and foremost ... wait for it ... here, I'll give you a hint ... has to do with the law of divorce and marriage I've just abolished ... women lose the right to keep the family home if they divorce, huzzah!

Libya Steps Out of Woods, Right Onto Edge of Deep, Festering Well

Talk about an inauspicious start in the newly freed Libya:

The transitional government leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil set out a vision for the post-Gadhafi future with an Islamist tint, saying that Islamic Sharia law would be the "basic source" of legislation in the country and that existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified. In a gesture that showed his own piety, he urged Libyans not to express their joy by firing in the air, but rather to chant "Allahu Akbar," or God is Great. He then stepped aside and knelt to offer a brief prayer of thanks.

Uncover 3 Anti-aging Facts About Aloe Vera: What You Can Do At Home

The aloe plant has been known for years by holistic beauty specialists for its phenomenal ability to speed-up cell renewal for youthful skin. It continues to be hailed for its astounding medicinal and anti-aging properties! 

You can easily grow aloe at home—maintenance free—and derive all the youthful benefits!  Just break off a part of the leaf and apply the fresh gel on the skin.

Learn how you can improve the beauty of your skin with aloe’s anti-aging facts:

Fact #1:  Anti-Aging Ingredients
Aloe’s many ingredients have kept researchers busy for years.  Aloe has the unique ability to stimulate cell renewal 8 times faster than normal cell reproduction.  Little wonder, as aloe contains essential ingredients sought after in many beauty products:

·         20 amino acids [building blocks of protein for cell renewal]
·         Vitamins-A, C, E, B1-2, B6, B12 [antioxidants, cell growth and metabolism]
·         200 phytonutrients [including enzymes, such as coenzyme Q10]
·         20 minerals [calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, and more...]
Home Anti-aging Treatment Mask:
1.      Cleanse the face
2.      Put on your favorite night-time moisturizer
3.      Slice a fresh piece of aloe (remove thorns) and pat the gel all over face and neck

Note. use the yellowish ooze--though not pleasant--is packed with anti-aging properties.  Done twice per week, aloe will rejuvenate any dull, blemished skin.

Fact#2:  Fast Absorption into the Skin
In studies conducted by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, M.D., Ph.D., President of North Texas Research Laboratories, aloe is able to penetrate the skin 4 times faster than water.  This means aloe’s anti-aging nutrients are absorbed deeper and faster than water can reach!

Home Anti-aging Treatment
·         Allow the benefits of aloe to penetrate deep into the skin while exercising, doing house chores, or relaxing in front of the television
·         For daily use, refrigerate. Wrap aloe in foil and apply on cleansed face with/without moisturizer.
Note: Aloe must be use within 5 days while in the refrigerator. Its potency diminishes quickly after being cut.

Fact #3:  Moisture, Protection & Healing Properties
Aloe contains polysaccharides, which gives the gel its mystifying moisture-binding properties. According to Danhof, as we age epidermal cells become weak and water escapes from our skin resulting in dry, aging skin. Aloe makes epidermal cells tight-fitting, protecting and moisturizing the skin from pollutants.

Home Anti-aging Treatment:  Pat a slice of aloe over cleansed lightly moisturized skin, for dry skin.

Many believe aloe is God’s gift to mankind; it is a powerhouse of ingredients packed into one plant.

Aloe is still a challenge to scientists so, why depend on technology when you can reap the benefits directly from your garden. This is the secret to glowing, blemish free complexion; use it today!

Is Michael Borg Married?

Or, for that matter, has he ever met and interacted with any women? I ask because, based on his public statements, it appears Michael Borg is unaware that women happen to be people:

He shot his kids - then tucked them into bed.

Police revealed Wednesday that the Westchester lawyer who wiped out his family in a twisted murder-suicide used a 12-gauge shotgun to blast his pajama-clad children.

Samuel Friedlander, who was in the midst of a bitter divorce, fired into the bodies of sleeping 10-year-old Molly and 8-year-old Gregory in their Cross River home.


Friedlander, 50, used a table or chair leg to kill his estranged wife, Amy, 46, during the bloodbath early Tuesday.

"We believe she was bludgeoned in the bedroom," Kopy said. "We believe a struggle occurred. It was a struggle that cost her her life."

After he killed his wife and kids, he went down to the unfinished basement and fatally shot himself with the Remington 870. He did not leave a note.

The couple were going through a divorce and living in separate bedrooms in the gray Colonial-style house, which was on the market for $799,000.

They were due in court Thursday, but the purpose was unclear.

Michael Borg, a close friend of Friedlander, said the 11-year marriage was "rocky from the beginning" because Amy's family did not like Sam.

He said rumblings of a divorce started about two years ago and the husband felt his wife was trying to turn the children against him and that he would lose custody.

He claimed she once took the children's clothes to stop them from attending a bar mitzvah with their father, and stopped them from going to a seder with him.

"I think it was just the constant berating," Borg said. "Everything he did she criticized. She belittled him in front of the kids."

He said if Friedlander had only killed his wife "I would have baked him a cake with a file in it" but he could not imagine why his "gentle" law-school buddy killed the kids.

"I can't figure that out. The only thing I could think of is when he killed her, the switch went," Borg said. "It wasn't Sam who killed those kids. It was his body, but it wasn't him."

How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face

 While a dusting of a few freckles on strategic locations may actually be aesthetically pleasing, this is a rare occasion and people with these are indeed extremely lucky. For most normal people, freckles or ephilides actually pose a problem. So what exactly are freckles and how do we deal with them?

Freckles are a common skin problem that could be seen as discrete or collected pigmented macules or spots on skin that are a result of some localized production of excess melanin.

 Freckles can vary in size with some being as tiny as a pinprick and others being as large as a pea. While freckles on the face are most annoying, freckles can also be seen on other body parts, mainly those exposed to the sun, such as the neck or forearms.

Sensitive or fair skinned individuals are more prone to developing freckles. Though freckles are mostly otherwise harmless, if one notices any abnormal changes in them, they should get them checked for any other systemic diseases.

So, How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face?

You can try some home remedies or some skin care products to get rid of your freckles. However, if you freckles problem is extreme or if your freckles are not responding to such treatments, there are other, more potent treatments such as laser treatment that you can then consider.

Some common home remedies for getting rid of freckles on face are as listed below:

·          Rubbing some lemon or even a sliced onion on freckles may help to exfoliate and lighten them.

·         Applying face masks such as a papaya, cucumber or apricot masks could also help treat your freckles.

·        If your freckles are triggered by excessive sun exposure, you can stop such bouts by using a good sunscreen  with higher SPF.

·         With regards to skin care products, retinal products are known to help get rid of freckles though they are  miserably slow in showing results.

·      While bleaching agents can be used to lighten freckles they cannot be used excessively as they harm the skin  in the long run. Herbal bleaches are better than chemical ones.

·        Increased intake of vitamin C or the intake of multi-vitamin tablets can help you get rid of freckles too but   even this method is slow to work.

 Some treatments and methods to get rid of freckles are much faster in their work but they are a lot more  complicated too, requiring you to go to a proper facility, treatment spa or treatment salon for them. Such  treatments to get rid of freckles on face are as listed below:

·      Cryosurgery may be used to treat freckles and this treatment involves freezing them with the use of liquid nitrogen. As this is a specialized treatment, you will need professional help and you cannot do this at home.

·        Laser freckles treatment is almost pain free and helps you get rid of freckles on face with just a few treatment sessions. The results are immediately visible and the procedure is safe. The success rate is high and the possibilities of scarring or having other side effects is very low. Additionally, this treatment requires no down time for recuperation.

·        Acid peels and other ablative procedures involves abrading or removing the first layer of skin in such a way that the new healed skin replacing it will have none of the old skin’s freckles and pigments. These treatments are highly painful, need recovery time after treatment and could quite possibly damage healthy skin. There is also a possibility of scarring with these treatments.

More on Laser Treatment for Getting Rid of Freckles

Laser treatments for freckles involve heating the sub dermal layer of skin in order to dissolve the clusters of melanin pigment there. Once these clusters dissipate, there is a noticeable improvement in the visible freckles condition. Depending on your particular freckles problem, you may need anywhere between 4 to 7 treatment sessions.

A laser session for freckles may take about 45 minutes. There is no down time requirement and there is hardly any pain during there treatment. Though the laser treatments are often expensive, the results are startling and worth every penny. There are lot of treatment salons and spas that offer discounted treatment for laser freckles removal. You can also easily book a treatment online.
The author AdvanceMedicalSystems.com - Advanced Medical Systems or AMS is dedicated to bringing future innovations within the reach of today’s consumers.

Get It Together XO Jane! Every Pharmacy In New York Is Out of Plan B For a Very Rood Reason! Every One!

This article is intended as satire, I think. Unfortunately, it's poorly executed satire and the topic is birth control. That's a dangerous combination in dire need of a remedy, or two.

Here's mine:

Plan B isn't pining for the fjords, it's no more

Pharmacies are out of Plan B because Plan B has been discontinued by its manufacturer quite some time ago. So forget about Plan B and familiarize yourselves with the available emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) brands.

Next Choice and Postinor

Next Choice and Postinor (outside the US) are the equivalent of Plan B -- 2 pill levonorgestrel (LNG), a progestin, dose brands available without a prescription and on Amazon. Take both pills at the same time (disregard label instructions), as soon as possible after the act of unprotected intercourse, up to 120 hrs/5 days. The sooner you use it, the more effective it is.

Plan B One-Step, i-Pill/Nextime, and Postinor 1/Postinor2 Unidosis

Plan B One-Step, i-Pill/Nextime, and Postinor 1/Postinor2 Unidosis are 1 pill LNG dose brands also available without a prescription and on Amazon (Plan B One-Step and i-Pill/Nextime). The instructions for use are the same as for the 2 pill dose brands -- take the pill as soon as possible, up to 120 hrs/5 days. The sooner you use it, the better.


This a newer type of ECP, a 1 pill ulipristal acetate (UA), a second generation progesterone receptor modulator, dose brand available by prescription only. Have your physician write an advance prescription, fill it, and keep it handy to use when you inevitably find yourself in need of it on that long holiday weekend at 3AM. Same instructions for use; possibly more effective than the LNG brands when used after 72 hrs.

*Emergency* Contraception Pill

ECP postcoital birth control is only to be used in an emergency for the simple reason that it's not as effective as the other available methods when used on a regular basis.

The most effective regular birth control methods are the IUD and the implant.

Bottom line

Forget Plan B, remember Plan B One-Step, i-Pill / Nextime, Next Choice, Postinor, Postinor 1/Postinor2 Unidosis, and ella. Don't substitute ECP for regular birth control. And, last but not least, even in emergencies avoid attempts at satirical articles on birth control.

Bishop Robert Finn and His Merry Band of Catholics: A Timeline

Rev. Shawn Ratigan
(via CBSNews)

In 2009

Bishop Robert Finn settles lawsuits with 47 plaintiffs in sexual abuse cases for $10 million and agree[s] to a long list of preventive measures, among them to report anyone suspected of being a pedophile immediately to law enforcement authorities.

May 2010

Parish principal raises concerns, in a written report, that the Rev. Shawn Ratigan [is] behaving inappropriately around children.

Monsignor Robert Murphy, the diocese's vicar general, receives the principal's concerns, speaks with Ratigan about setting boundaries with children, and gives Bishop Finn a verbal summary of the concerns and his meeting with the priest.

[Finn acknowledged that the parish principal raised concerns in May 2010, and admitted that he didn't read the principal's report until Spring 2011.]

December 2010

A computer technician finds on Ratigan's laptop hundreds of what he called "disturbing" images of children, most of them fully clothed with the focus on their crotch areas, and a series of pictures of a 2- to 3-year-old girl with her genitals exposed. (emphasis mine)

Diocese officials report the photos -- hundreds of them -- to Monsignor Robert Murphy.

Murphy does not report the hundreds of photos to the police. Instead he called a police captain who is a member of the diocese's independent review board and described a single photo of a nude child that was not sexual in nature. (emphasis mine)

The police captain, without viewing the photo, says he was advised that although such a picture might meet the definition of child pornography, it probably wouldn't be investigated or prosecuted.

[Finn has acknowledged that he knew of the existence of the photos last December but did not turn them over to the police until May.]

May 2011

Murphy tells police Ratigan's laptop had contained hundreds of photos.

Rev. Shawn Ratigan is charged with three state child pornography counts, and in June with 13 federal counts of producing, possessing and attempting to produce child porn, [most recently during an Easter egg hunt in Spring 2011].

August 2011

A civil lawsuit is filed that asserts that between December 2010 and May 2011, Father Ratigan attended children’s birthday parties, spent weekends in the homes of parish families, hosted the Easter egg hunt and presided, with the bishop’s permission, at a girl’s First Communion.

October 2011

Bishop Robert Finn and the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese are charged with one count each of failing to report suspected child abuse, a misdemeanor. The indictment says the bishop failed to report suspicions against the priest from Dec. 16, 2010, when the photos were discovered, to May 11, 2011, when the diocese turned them over to police:

During that period Bishop Finn and the diocese had reason to suspect that the priest, the Rev. Shawn Ratigan, might subject a child to abuse, the indictment said, citing “previous knowledge of concerns regarding Father Ratigan and children; the discovery of hundreds of photographs of children on Father Ratigan’s laptop, including a child’s naked vagina, upskirt images and other images focused on the crotch; and violations of restrictions placed on Father Ratigan.” (emphasis mine)


Rev. Shawn Ratigan has pleaded not guilty and remains jailed.

Lawyers for the diocese and Bishop Robert Finn pleaded not guilty. Finn said that he and the diocese had given “complete cooperation” to law enforcement. He also pointed to steps he had taken since the scandal first became public, which included commissioning a report to look into the case and reinforcing procedures for handling allegations of abuse.

Bottom Line

Fingers crossed Bishop Finn beats the charge and is soon back to being given a prominent role, together with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in crafting women's reproductive health legislation. Because who better to protect women from themselves than men whose religious beliefs make them competent to do a bang up job protecting children from pedophiles?

(source articles here and here)