How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face

 While a dusting of a few freckles on strategic locations may actually be aesthetically pleasing, this is a rare occasion and people with these are indeed extremely lucky. For most normal people, freckles or ephilides actually pose a problem. So what exactly are freckles and how do we deal with them?

Freckles are a common skin problem that could be seen as discrete or collected pigmented macules or spots on skin that are a result of some localized production of excess melanin.

 Freckles can vary in size with some being as tiny as a pinprick and others being as large as a pea. While freckles on the face are most annoying, freckles can also be seen on other body parts, mainly those exposed to the sun, such as the neck or forearms.

Sensitive or fair skinned individuals are more prone to developing freckles. Though freckles are mostly otherwise harmless, if one notices any abnormal changes in them, they should get them checked for any other systemic diseases.

So, How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face?

You can try some home remedies or some skin care products to get rid of your freckles. However, if you freckles problem is extreme or if your freckles are not responding to such treatments, there are other, more potent treatments such as laser treatment that you can then consider.

Some common home remedies for getting rid of freckles on face are as listed below:

·          Rubbing some lemon or even a sliced onion on freckles may help to exfoliate and lighten them.

·         Applying face masks such as a papaya, cucumber or apricot masks could also help treat your freckles.

·        If your freckles are triggered by excessive sun exposure, you can stop such bouts by using a good sunscreen  with higher SPF.

·         With regards to skin care products, retinal products are known to help get rid of freckles though they are  miserably slow in showing results.

·      While bleaching agents can be used to lighten freckles they cannot be used excessively as they harm the skin  in the long run. Herbal bleaches are better than chemical ones.

·        Increased intake of vitamin C or the intake of multi-vitamin tablets can help you get rid of freckles too but   even this method is slow to work.

 Some treatments and methods to get rid of freckles are much faster in their work but they are a lot more  complicated too, requiring you to go to a proper facility, treatment spa or treatment salon for them. Such  treatments to get rid of freckles on face are as listed below:

·      Cryosurgery may be used to treat freckles and this treatment involves freezing them with the use of liquid nitrogen. As this is a specialized treatment, you will need professional help and you cannot do this at home.

·        Laser freckles treatment is almost pain free and helps you get rid of freckles on face with just a few treatment sessions. The results are immediately visible and the procedure is safe. The success rate is high and the possibilities of scarring or having other side effects is very low. Additionally, this treatment requires no down time for recuperation.

·        Acid peels and other ablative procedures involves abrading or removing the first layer of skin in such a way that the new healed skin replacing it will have none of the old skin’s freckles and pigments. These treatments are highly painful, need recovery time after treatment and could quite possibly damage healthy skin. There is also a possibility of scarring with these treatments.

More on Laser Treatment for Getting Rid of Freckles

Laser treatments for freckles involve heating the sub dermal layer of skin in order to dissolve the clusters of melanin pigment there. Once these clusters dissipate, there is a noticeable improvement in the visible freckles condition. Depending on your particular freckles problem, you may need anywhere between 4 to 7 treatment sessions.

A laser session for freckles may take about 45 minutes. There is no down time requirement and there is hardly any pain during there treatment. Though the laser treatments are often expensive, the results are startling and worth every penny. There are lot of treatment salons and spas that offer discounted treatment for laser freckles removal. You can also easily book a treatment online.
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