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It's Good to Be a NJ State Trooper

Seven state police troopers are accused of sexually assaulting a female college student and are suspended pending an investigation. The County Prosecutor's Office investigates for seven months but no charges are filed.

The State Police Superintendent says the troopers have been disciplined accordingly, but does not specify the nature of the discipline, and attorneys for the troopers say they've reached an agreement that will allow their clients to return to work.

What are the chances that, had this happened to people engaged in pretty much any other occupation, either in the private or public sector, there would be this much, um, discretion exercised?

Paul Ryan: Private Health Care Decisions For All, Except Pregnant Patients

Paul Ryan, a Republican representative from Wisconsin, commenting on the recently passed health insurance reform bill:

We should ensure that health care decisions are made by patients and their doctors, not by bureaucrats, whether at an insurance company or a government agency.

Except, of course, if the patients happen to be pregnant women. For those patients Paul Ryan has voted to allow the, you know, government to:

1) Restrict their freedom of movement.

2) Exempt medical personnel and health care facilities who provide them with substandard care from responsibility.

3) Override the physician's medical judgment and practice medicine without a license.

We can only hope (in vain?) that there will come a day when voters recognize that, even when it comes to lowly, pariah pregnant women, politicians whose sacred mission in life is to make people wards of the state are not worthy of their vote.

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Monday morning, time for Rule of Dog.

City Condoms

In case you just had to know, the new design for the city's condom wrapper is...the electronic power button:

City condoms

Here's a list of the other top finalists, and this is the current design (I like this one better than the new one):

City condom

Dog Zen

Monday morning, time for Rule of Dog.