Uncover 3 Anti-aging Facts About Aloe Vera: What You Can Do At Home

The aloe plant has been known for years by holistic beauty specialists for its phenomenal ability to speed-up cell renewal for youthful skin. It continues to be hailed for its astounding medicinal and anti-aging properties! 

You can easily grow aloe at home—maintenance free—and derive all the youthful benefits!  Just break off a part of the leaf and apply the fresh gel on the skin.

Learn how you can improve the beauty of your skin with aloe’s anti-aging facts:

Fact #1:  Anti-Aging Ingredients
Aloe’s many ingredients have kept researchers busy for years.  Aloe has the unique ability to stimulate cell renewal 8 times faster than normal cell reproduction.  Little wonder, as aloe contains essential ingredients sought after in many beauty products:

·         20 amino acids [building blocks of protein for cell renewal]
·         Vitamins-A, C, E, B1-2, B6, B12 [antioxidants, cell growth and metabolism]
·         200 phytonutrients [including enzymes, such as coenzyme Q10]
·         20 minerals [calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, and more...]
Home Anti-aging Treatment Mask:
1.      Cleanse the face
2.      Put on your favorite night-time moisturizer
3.      Slice a fresh piece of aloe (remove thorns) and pat the gel all over face and neck

Note. use the yellowish ooze--though not pleasant--is packed with anti-aging properties.  Done twice per week, aloe will rejuvenate any dull, blemished skin.

Fact#2:  Fast Absorption into the Skin
In studies conducted by Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, M.D., Ph.D., President of North Texas Research Laboratories, aloe is able to penetrate the skin 4 times faster than water.  This means aloe’s anti-aging nutrients are absorbed deeper and faster than water can reach!

Home Anti-aging Treatment
·         Allow the benefits of aloe to penetrate deep into the skin while exercising, doing house chores, or relaxing in front of the television
·         For daily use, refrigerate. Wrap aloe in foil and apply on cleansed face with/without moisturizer.
Note: Aloe must be use within 5 days while in the refrigerator. Its potency diminishes quickly after being cut.

Fact #3:  Moisture, Protection & Healing Properties
Aloe contains polysaccharides, which gives the gel its mystifying moisture-binding properties. According to Danhof, as we age epidermal cells become weak and water escapes from our skin resulting in dry, aging skin. Aloe makes epidermal cells tight-fitting, protecting and moisturizing the skin from pollutants.

Home Anti-aging Treatment:  Pat a slice of aloe over cleansed lightly moisturized skin, for dry skin.

Many believe aloe is God’s gift to mankind; it is a powerhouse of ingredients packed into one plant.

Aloe is still a challenge to scientists so, why depend on technology when you can reap the benefits directly from your garden. This is the secret to glowing, blemish free complexion; use it today!