Best Eco Friendly Cosmetics

Having concern for the future of our planet is a good thing. You use green cleaners because they are safer for the environment. You recycle because it's the right choice. You buy items whose packaging is made of recycled material or biodegradable. You drive an eco-friendly car, and you are always in search of how you can do more for the planet.

Makeup is now one of those items that can be added to the green list. Many companies are getting rid of their harmful chemicals and replacing them with safer ingredients. Others are eliminating their old packaging and replacing it with more eco- friendly options.
If you're interested in eco friendly makeup, the following are our top four cosmetic brand choices that you need to check out.

1. Jane Iredale

All of Jane Iredale products put health and natural beauty at the forefront. Their products use natural ingredients that allows the skin to breathe and eliminates environmental pollutants. Each and every product provides protection from UVA and UVB rays and uses chemical-free sunscreens. Jane Iredale makeup does not contain chemical preservatives, perfume, alcohol or chemical dyes. Instead, they use zinc oxide and titanium oxide that help calm the skin.

2. Physicians Formula Organic Wear

Physicians Formula products have been a staple in many cosmetic bags throughout the years. Along with the regular line that you may be accustomed to, Physicians Formula also has an organic line. It was the first ECOCERT certified organic makeup line in America. All of the line's products contain 100% certified organic ingredients. Each product is also packaged in eco-friendly paper instead of plastic. This line does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives. They also pride themselves on being 100% cruelty free.

3. Cargo PlantLove

Cargo has tried its hand at organic makeup and created Cargo PlantLove, an ECOCERT certified line of makeup. This line contains biodegradable packaging made entirely out of corn, and the products themselves are made from 100% natural ingredients. Along with packaging and products, the process in creating PlantLove products is also completely eco friendly.
PlantLove products do not use synthetic dyes or fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens or phthalates.

4. Juice Beauty, The Alicia Silverstone Collection

Alicia Silverstone teamed up with Juice Beauty to launch a green cosmetic line comprised of five products. Each product is made from organic materials and is animal friendly. Juice Beauty believes that organic ingredient are much more beneficial for the skin as well as the environment. When makeup products contain harmful chemicals, these ingredients are absorbed through your skin. Juice Beauty wants to change that.
Some people make the mistake in thinking that green products cost more, but all of these products are priced reasonably compared to their non-organic counterparts.
If green products are on your radar, these are four cosmetic brands you need to try. Some simply use safe, organic ingredients while others combine the organic ingredients with green packaging. All of them are safe for the environment and safe for your skin.
Erin Stevenson is a stay at home mom with two teen daughters. She likes to use enviromently safe chemicals and eco friendly beauty products.

Photo credit: starfish75