This Saturday, May 12: Egyptian Alignment and Hipwork Technique Intensive

On the agenda for this Saturday, in the third of five sessions in my "Oriental Dance Deconstructed" workshop series:

We’ll begin with a comprehensive overview of the kinesthetic anatomy of the core, individually locating the psoas, quadratus, oblique abdominal, rectus abdominal, and transverse abdominal muscles, then recruit these muscles into action to initiate Egyptian isolations:

•    Up-and-down hips (in the manner of Soheir Zaki) with travel variations
•    Lumbar contract-and-release accents with weighted, unweighted, and travel variations
•    Weighted down "internal" styling for small hip circles
•    Weighted hip articulations to the front, with Fellahi, Oriental, and Social dance variations
•    Weighted and unweighted twists
•    Several step-touch variations
•    3 Egyptian Double Drop variations
•    Egyptian styling for horizontal-plane figures of 8
•    Several "jewel" movements (compound twisting-and-shifting vocabulary), travel and pivot variations, and jewel transitions
•    Large hip circles
•    Hagallah shimmy
•    Straight-leg Egyptian shimmy

If time permits, we'll also revisit some of last session's undulation vocabulary, and look at compound Egyptian movements with undulation elements.

Depending on the headcount, I'm considering a venue change, so if you're coming please either pay in advance to confirm your spot, or contact me personally with a definite commitment to pay at the door.

The prepay discount is officially gone, but if you're able to pay in advance this week for the last three sessions of the series (Egyptian hipwork this Saturday;  Arms, Shoulders, Hands, and Head Isolations on 5/19; and Footwork and Turns on June 16), I can offer you a slightly reduced rate.  (Single sessions are $30 each).  Call or email.

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Contact me at:, 917-686-1622, or if we're "friends" you may send me a message via Facebook.