Maison BO-M

If your not familiar with Maison bo-M boutique's concept then you need to know they like to present fashion as warble art. Last week i was helping Maison's team on their fashion show for Riyadh fashion days. I had amazing experience working with their fashion team.

Starting from choosing quality pieces to present in the gallery of Riyadh Fashion Days,To candidate models to present the grace of Saudi women and touch the hearts of the visitors.

MaisonBo-m always inspires me for their unique pieces of clothes that you can pop up with your personal style. In Riyadh fashion days We have styled each look according to the designers inspirations and desires to show their pieces but the main goal of the fashion show was to show case this year spring summer trends.

I appreciate the work with MaisonBo-m and their mission to promote our regional talents by constructing places with outstanding contemporary decoration and arranging events to be seen by internationals living in the capital of Saudi.