NOA couture

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"From  the hot red sands of Arabia , comes a wind of change that below the imagination away...

From  stone to chiffon, from granules to crystals..Velvet bird"

This is how I started the fashion presentation of the outstanding Saudi fashion designer prince Noaf  bin Saud. Velvet bird is the name and inspiration of Noa couture new collection

The preparation went smoothly. All accessories were carefully picked, all fabric movement was considered to create the visual art. My work was to focus on the model's body movement and indulge it with the  outfits appearance to influence the viewers by feeling and touching the exciting of personality behind each look.

I loved how Noa couture trusted me to develop his desired images. All looks took us to Paris the city of fashion. Where art , fashion , architecture and creativity are met and blind for distinctive outfits.

I called his collection drama, dream, and queen ... 

Thank you Noa Couture for this enjoyable work. I had a good experience working with his new collection.