Lessons In Motivating Yourself

So face it, if you are just starting out, creating a habit of regular exercise is not easy to do.  You really will have to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself if you want to get into a healthy habit and stay in shape.

However, there are times in the creation of a habit of exercising that you will just feel like it is not worth it, times when you are running on your treadmill and just do not want to go on anymore, and you will want to sink back into being unhealthy.  It is times like these that you will have to call upon your innermost desires and propel yourself forward; you will have to motivate yourself. 

Motivation is an interesting word, because in truth, it is very hard to actually motivate someone, including your own self.  There are some forms of motivation that come from outside sources and they in a sense cause us to move, or cause us to become something that is acted upon.  This type of motivation is superficial and has no real lasting effect on us.

However, there is another type of motivation, a type of motivation that works from the inside out.  It is a type of motivation created when we see something as it really is or how it can become.  In cases of exercise, we see ourselves as we really can become.

This second type of motivation is a type of motivation that stays with us and is internal; we ourselves are agents, choosing to move, instead of being forced or coerced to move.  This type of motivation is useful not only in fitness, but in everything we do, as it is how we make things happen.

To create this type of motivation, it really takes some deep thought to consider what you really want to become as a result of your exercise and you have to see yourself becoming it.  It has to become so tangible that you can recall what it feels like in times of distress or hardship; this is the type of motivation that will not break down.

Once you understand this type of motivation and have gained a true vision of things as they really are, you can propel yourself forward even when you feel like your body cannot do it anymore.  Eventually, the time will come, when both your vision of yourself on the inside and your vision of yourself on the outside will match and you will be able to achieve any reasonable goal you set your mind to.

About the author: Jessica Staheli is a health and fitness nut. She loves to write about being healthy and getting in shape. You can follow her at Google+