Natural Beauty Tips: Styling and Caring For Gray Hair

Getting your first gray hair may cause you to feel older than you are, but there are several ways in which you can deal with the issue. If you have just a few grays, then you may choose to pluck them as they appear or dye them as they continue to grow in. A third option is to let your hair grow gray naturally while embracing your new look.

A number of people decide to maintain gray hair because it looks stylish and distinctive. Still others may cover their grays for a while, but eventually opt to save time and money by forgoing home or salon hair coloring. If you choose to let your hair grow in gray, then the process will be gradual, because grays usually show on the sides of the head first, then around the crown, and finally in the back. Those who choose to leave their hair as is while it grows in gray can follow a few useful tips in order to keep tresses looking shiny, healthy, and vibrant.

Many people, both men and women, opt to keep their hairstyles easy to manage when they have gray hair. A short hairstyle not only looks neater, but it is also practical and flattering for those with gray hair, which tends to be dry and coarse. Also, the shorter the hairstyle is, the longer it will take for other people to notice grays as they start to grow in.

Some people do not wish to wear their hair entirely gray, but do like the "salt and pepper" look. If this idea appeals to you, then you can try adding highlights to your hair. This will add subtle streaks of color that accents some of your gray hair while covering the other strands.

Over time, you may notice that your gray hair has a bit of a yellow tint due to air pollutants. To prevent this, you should use a purifying shampoo at least once a month in order to get rid of product build-up. Blue-tinted or silver-tinted shampoos for gray hair are also available - these are designed to gently get rid of any yellow cast while bringing out the natural gray color of your hair. Be sure that you saturate your hair completely when using these tinted shampoos, because if you do not thoroughly cover your hair with the product, then you will end up with uneven patches of gray.