Don’t Be a Hoarder! 5 Things You Can Sell, Recycle or Donate Today

We all have items that we hold dear and would never throw out. For some of us it’s a family heirloom like our grandmother’s jewelry. For others it’s a “lucky” shirt or the foul ball they caught at the baseball game. While you can hang onto those items forever, your home is full of stuff that is just taking up space. Clean up your home now with the 5 things you should sell, recycle or donate today!

Old Clothing (Donate)

No matter what you’ve convinced yourself, those clothes that you loved in college have got to go. If they are in style they don’t fit, and if they fit then they are out of style. While those clothes may not be working for you, there are people all around the country who can use them. Groups like The Salvation Army will be happy to take old clothes off of your hands and may even come to your home to pick them up. Clear out some space, help those in need and get a tax write-off in just a few hours.
Textbooks (Sell)

If your textbooks are only a year or two old, it is likely that there are still students out there who can use them. Sell the books online and make some quick cash. If the books are more than a few years old you can recycle them. You may not get paid, but at least you will clear some much needed space on your bookshelf.

Baby and Kids Toys (Donate)

While it may seem like a great idea to keep your child’s toys up in the attic for your grandchildren, you really aren’t doing them any favors. Trends change and newer toys come into style. More importantly, 25 years stuffed up in the attic will do a number on the toys, leading to mold, mildew, and other growth that could potentially be harmful to your grandchild. Donate the toys to a group like the Big Brothers Big Sister that will distribute them to less fortunate children in your neighborhood.

Electronics (Recycle/Throw Out)

Big ticket items like televisions, computers and stereo systems are really hard to throw out. Many of us will wait years to upgrade to a newer model and once we do we still hold on to the old item for a rainy day. Maybe it’s because we spend so much time with them, or maybe it’s because they are so expensive to begin with and we want to get our money’s worth. Whatever your reason for hanging on to your old electronics, it’s time to throw them out. When was the last time you actually used your VCR? Why is it still taking up space?  Try to recycle the item before just throwing it out, but understand that with electronics that is sometimes impossible.

Sports Equipment (Sell)

Did you invest in a full set of hockey pads that are now just sitting in the hall closet? Do you have a treadmill that has become the world’s most expensive towel rack? The second hand sporting goods market may be begging for your contribution. You won’t get half or even a third of what you originally paid for the equipment, but you will likely be able to attract a buyer who will carry it up from your basement for you.

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