What is your body type?!

I made this post because I have been asked so many times to give a brief description of body types. First I would like to mention why it is essential to know and understand your body?! as few women have a perfect, well-proportion body, and all of us are wishing to have a stunning figure and boost our self-esteem, It is not impossible to create the illusion of great shape,  and that starts by identifying the figure problems!! Then label your body according to the below descriptions….then choose the right cuts, designs, prints, and fabric to your body shape to have ideal figure.

 where do you carry the most weight?


Carry most weight on hips and thighs


Heavy hips and bust but never waist!!


Tends to store most fat on bust and tommy

Slim Athletic and Petite

Naturally balanced but petite is quit tiny

to know in which body shape are you just click on Calculatornet

and if you like to do some exercise that suits your body shape check Matt Roberts’s book!!

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