KIDNEY PAIN: Causes, Symptoms and Emergent Remedy

Your pair of kidneys is actually considered to be a vital human organ situated at the back portion of the body, particularly behind the lower ribs. They are not of the same height for the right kidney is slightly lower than your left kidney. 

The pain one may actually experience with kidneys is called flank pain for the pain usually occurs at the lower back portion though it sometimes extends to the groin and even to the testicles. Most of the people happen to mistakenly consider some spinal pain, arthritis and even muscle pain as kidney pain and that is a usual misconception. 

When we speak of kidney pain, we are basically dealing with a specific pain brought about by certain body conditions like a blockage in the outflow of urine from the kidney or an enlargement or injury, including infection and inflammation for that matter.

The Different Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Pain

The most common causes of kidney pain are kidney stones as well as kidney infection which we call Pyelonephritis. The first one which is kidney stones may actually cause nausea with or without vomiting, bloody urine, fever and the pain which comes in waves. If we basically talk about kidney infection which is  Pyelonephritis, the primary symptoms that one may experience are nausea with or without vomiting , bloody urine,  burning feeling during urination and also urgent or frequent need of urination.

Accompanied with the infection is the inflammation which can cause the stretching of the capsule surrounding the kidney causing pain. Only a few know that specific conditions that would basically cause kidney enlargement are being developed slowly without the experience of so much pain.

The specific conditions that include stretching and enlargement are hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney disease and also kidney cancer or benign tumors. Kidney injury brought about by trauma is easy to identify and be diagnosed since there is more rapid enlargement and bleeding happening with the kidneys. 

Aside from those common causes of kidney pain, there is this rare kidney damage brought about by a block in the artery that can also cause kidney pain. There is this unusual complication called poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis caused by a streptococcal infection that can also cause severe kidney pain.

One thing you should really be mindful of is severe pain accompanied with other symptoms that would really require emergent intervention such as unconsciousness, profuse sweating, rapid breathing or heart rate, cold and clammy skin, bloody urine, high fever, confusion, decreased or absent urine output, paleness and bloody urine.

Kidney Pain Treatments

If we speak of treatment, many would even consider taking up paracetamol tablets as an emergent remedy for kidney pain. That would be fine if the condition is within limits but then, seeking a doctor’s help would still be the best option. It is not advisable to do self-medication.  

Remember that medications prescribed by a doctor are still the appropriate drugs. But then, when it reaches an advanced stage, dialysis is already needed. You should not take the challenge of managing the pain you are experiencing alone, for it might actually cost you your life. It would really be best to seek for professional help.

It would really be important to seek for prompt medical attention for persistent pain to prevent you from unbearable suffering later on.
But then, prevention is better than cure. It would still be best to cut down on beverages high in alcohol content.  

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