Yeah I'm Growing

Hey-Hey out there! I don’t know about you guys but when it’s sunny and warm, I just transform. I feel happier, healthier and more energetic! In fact, I was so energetic after work yesterday that I went to the organic allotment that belongs to a friend of mine and planted some cucumber and kale seeds! I swear it was like giving birth. I just felt so powerful and almighty while I was pushing a wheel barrow with dirt and watering the earth. I was just feeling mother Earth. Like, we’re both giving lives kind of thing. Yeah. Super weird.

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m going to this organic farm in Stockholm called Rosenhill. There's going to be a course there on how to grow your own organic vegetables and fruit, and also demonstrate how you can make your own skincare products with stuff from your garden. This is awesome because I’m getting a little annoyed of all these parabens in all beauty products. Research has found that parabens might have an estrogenic effect and there are studies that have found the presence of parabens in breast tumours that can lead to cancer.

I rather make my own face wash of rose petals, morning dew and sunshine. Namaste.