Green Vegan Burgers

So I made some really nice vegan burgers yesterday. Which I couldn't eat. Because I kind of fried them. In flaxseed oil. By mistake.

But you don't have to be a genius like me. These are really simple burgers and obviously healthy and perfect for a BBQ with your meat-eating friends, aka. les savages. Joking.







Soy or Corn flour



I'm not going to give you any measurement because I believe in measuring with your eyes. Also, I don't like numbers when I'm cooking, it makes me nervous. So boil the bulgur, and while your boiling it, put all the other ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a gooey paste. When the bulgur is ready, mix it in with the paste and let it all cool down for like 5 minutes. Then shape some burgers of it all. Put it on the BBQ. Serve with some slice avocados and tomato sauce between two pieces of sourdough bread. Omg. Delicious.