A Fine British National Obsession

The Guardian published an article today about Britain's national obsession. Guess what it is. Maybe its politics? Its academic history and culture? The Royal family?

Guess again. It's Crisps.

Yes. Crisps as in fried potato chips.

That's Britain's national obsession. Here are some juicy and intellectual parts from the article:

"We consume, in Britain...more than everyone else in Europe put together, around 150 packets for each and every one of us each year."

"Most other countries see crisps as something you consume like olives: with an aperitif, before a meal. Here, cheese & onion, ready salted, salt & vinegar and prawn cocktail are part not just of our regular diet, but of the British culture."

"...crisps go brilliantly with sandwiches, of which we also consume (for lunch) more than most nations."

(....) And THAT my British friends and lovers, is the sound of no hands clapping for your pointless obsession with...yes, seriously...crisps.