Pope Benedict XVI Mocks Women's Reproductive Health

"Particularly disturbing is the crushing yoke of discrimination that women and girls so often endure, not to mention the unspeakable practice of sexual violence and exploitation which causes such humiliation and trauma," Benedict told an audience of government leaders and foreign diplomats in the late afternoon.

He also criticized what he called the "irony of those who promote abortion as a form of 'maternal' health care." The pope was referring to an African Union agreement signed by Angola and 44 other countries that abortion should be legal in cases of rape, incest or when the mother's life is endangered.

"How disconcerting the claim that the termination of life is a matter of reproductive health," Benedict said.

You know what's actually ironic? That the earthly representative of one of the many Sky Fairies and/or ETs people believe in is unable to grasp the concept that the uterine container is in fact a ZOMG!! human life.

And you know what's disconcerting? Permitting your Supreme Leader, the Pope (PBUH), to mock and belittle women's reproductive health care without condemnation.