Erlyndon Joseph Lo, the "Undisputed World Champion of the Abortion Debate"

So what do you do if you're Erlyndon Joseph Lo, The Undisputed World Champion of the Abortion Debate and a devout Catholic entitled under your religious beliefs to use deadly force at will, after you 1) graduate from the Southern Methodist University law school, 2) take the New York bar exam, 3) go to the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center with a receipt, demanding to find out if your [possibly imaginary] wife had an abortion, and 4) sue the U.S. Supreme Court justices, asking the justices to render abortion illegal and for $999 trillion in damages and $1,000/hour for attorney’s fees?

You file a Temporary Restraining Order against the law enforcement officers who will be responding when you go to the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center and start offing its patients and employees, of course.

I took the time to read Mr. Lo's site (oh the things I do for you people!) and my impression is that what we have here is an unfortunate (not to mention conducive to mass murder sprees) mix of propaganda from Focus on the Family and a mentally unstable person:

Something that is bad is when I heard on the radio on Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson a girl who survived an attempted abortion. I'm not a doctor. I can only imagine what kinds of acids doctors use to dissolve babies in, like dropping an Alka-Seltzer in a clear cup of water watching the thin white circular tablet fizz and clearly dissolve into the water, to kill the baby. I think the acid is or acids are yellow. For now, for lack of a better term, I'm going to say sulfuric acid. Well, whatever the toxic substance, there was this one girl who survived that attempted murder. She was dropped into that poisonous, toxic, ultra-hazardous liquid. Fortunately, she survived. Now, when you listen to her talk, you can hear her gargling so to speak, talking as if she survived being dropped into yellow, burning, sulfuric acid. It's nasty. I feel bad for her.

I'm inclined to think that Mr. Lo is a lawyer only in his imagination but who knows? One thing we do know for sure, from the FBI press release, is that the maximum penalty for the crimes Mr. Lo is charged with is only six years in prison. Assuming he's found guilty, and in the absence of a proper mental health evaluation and treatment, it's disturbing to contemplate the possibility that Mr. Lo will be able to resume planning and carrying out his religious murder fantasies in a few years.