Vegan Pancakes Makes Me Dance With Myself

Sorry ya'll! It's been a hectic few days filled with work, graduation and a lil trip to London but fear not. I'll never fully leave you again. For now.

You know what I just made!? Vegan Pancakes! I got the idea when I was in S:t Pancras Station, London, a few days ago and I bought this amazing vegan pancake roll filled with spinach and tofu from Source Market. The pancake roll was produced from a little girl called Laura, who has her own vegan brand called Lauras Idea. I also bought some of her vegan calzone and sweet vegan rice balls. It was like tasting a young Johnny Depp's spit. It was awesome. I e-mailed her and thanked her from the bottom of my leafy heart and then she e-mailed me back and then I made own!

It's really easy and it does not require cow pus or unborn baby chicks! YAY.

You just need:

200 g of organic unbleached flour

50 g of graham flour (for some crunchyness)

650 ml of oat milk or soy milk/rice milk/almond milk

Some vegatble oil for frying.

AND VOILA! I'm going to fill mine with steamed spinach, some tofu, sundried tomatoes, herbs and sea salt.

Or you can fill them with strawberries, blueberries and agave suryp if you have a sweet tooth!