Jamie Oliver Cries Too

I don't like Jamie Oliver (seriously who does?), and not only because he likes to make shows about how to slaughter animals and then eating dead flesh while calling it "healthy" and giving it to little school kids but also because the guy actually has got really bad hair and he lisps. Like hello. A chef that lisps? We might as well have a one-eyed model then.

Earlier this year, Jamie Oliver went on a mission to try and "convert an Amercian community to healthy eating". (....) Baaahahaha, I know.

But anyway, the guy tried, oh how he tried. But to try and change Americas Fattest State was not really an easy thing to do. In Huntington, Americas fattest city where 50% of the population are obese, Jamie tried to convince them that hillbilly hotdogs is not really one of your five a days. It didn't work.
Jamie cried. And one West Virginian radio presenter simply said: "'We don't want to sit around and eat lettuce all day."

And thats why people like George W. Bush can become presidents in the awesome mess we call America.