The Hamburger of the Future

Ok. This is actually really, really disgusting.

According to NY Times, the hamburger you'll be eating in a few years time might be developed in an incubator. Yeah. Not on a cow's butt, thats just too ol' school son!

"Scientists at NASA and at several Dutch universities have been developing the technology since 2001, and in a few years' time there may be a lab-grown meat ready to market as sausages or patties. In 20 years, the scientists predict, they may be able to grow a whole beef or pork loin. A tissue engineer at the Medical University of South Carolina has even proposed a countertop device similar to a bread maker that would produce meat overnight in your kitchen."

Tissue engineer? I actually feel a bit sick.

But the really sick part is that some of you are probably thrilled over this cheap meat solution. You sick bastard.