Vegetables Meet Cupcakes And Have A Baby

Today I regained my faith in the human mind. I found out about this London-based company that makes cupcakes out of...wait for it...vegetables. Yes. All natural and kind vegetables provided by the very earth we stand on. Obviously this rocked my world and I'm truly fascinated by people who are looking at alternative ways of enjoying something so mainstream and "bad" as a cupcake.

The company is called Petit Pois Cakes and they make cupcakes out of vegetables such as courgette, pumpkin and beetroot. They cakes are both gluten and lactose free and come in the flavours Chocolate & Vanilla and Lemon & Orange. Instead of being all Supersized a la America and covered completely in frosting that will make you teeth rot just by looking at it, these cupcakes are covered with a thin layer of icing and topped with a little green pea. Aw.

Check out the cupcakes of the future here.