What Will and Wont Kill You

I was reading a little amusing piece today, published on a site called Second Opinions. The article, called "Child Abuse By Vegan Parents", retold the unfortunate stories of two couples tragic loss of their babies. One couple, the Moorheads in New Zealand , lost their baby in 2002 by "failing to provide the necessities of life" and according to the article, the baby died because the parents ate a vegan diet. The other couple, the Manuelyans from England, tragically lost their baby in 2000 to a chest infection, brought to the 9-month old baby girl by "malnutrition".

The article starts with the author's wish to "illustrate the extreme vegetarianism can do".

Let's get one thing straight here people. You. Will. Not. Die. Nor. Kill. By. Eating. Greener.
The first couple's baby died because his parents took him out of the children's hospital and decided to treat him with their own herbal remedies - not because he wasn't fed corpses. The other baby girl died because her parents were fruitarians: she was living on a diet based on fruit and some nuts. And as we all know, fruit mostly consist out of water and sugar so you don't have to be a genius to understand that it's unsuitable for a baby to live on that. These tragic stories has nothing to do with the absence of meat in these people's diet. These are unfortunate stories where something has gone wrong, but to blame it on people who refuse to be a part of today's meat industry is not just a little bit absurd but totally deranged.

I would like to present alternative stories.

I can make the list a lot longer but it makes me sad googling up stories about babies dying from eating a diet which is not only accepted but encouraged by our society. Nobody blames the parents of these kids of being unhealthy meat-eaters, but vegetarians get all kinds of shit thrown at them for feeding their babies greener stuff and helping the planet at the same time.
The world is funny.