Nursing Student Ben Cochran Responds

Nursing student Ben Cochran offers a response and puts to rest the fears of all those who thought he might be a mediocre satirist, and the hopes of those who thought he would be inclined to remedy his professional incompetence:

If you were among the many who were offended by my column last week, then let me take this opportunity to offer you a heartfelt apology. I am well aware that my stance was not a popular one. As an Opinion columnist, my primary goal is to generate informed discussion. To that end, I intentionally try to be provocative. As such, sometimes my columns offend people. Please understand that my intent was not to cause people to become enraged. I simply hoped they would disagree with the expressed opinion and state reasons for that disagreement. I wanted to see a lively debate, and hopefully, learn something in the process. The position I argued for is a valid opinion by virtue of the fact that it is an opinion. Unfortunately, my word choice was not the best. I cannot believe I said “conscientious” when I really meant “conscious,” among other things. From now on, I will take greater care to exercise better judgment. As always, your responses are welcomed and encouraged.

Based on this response it looks like Mr. Cochran is aware of his incompetence but is unconcerned about, and somewhat amused by, it. As such, those in charge of his education should strongly consider the possibility that even intensive remedial training might not be enough to allow Mr. Cochran to, some day in the distant future, become fit to provide patient care.

It would be a disservice to both Mr. Cochran and his future patients to continue to pretend that someone with his severe deficiencies will become a competent nurse.