Are The Elliptical Machines Bad For Your Knees?

An elliptical machine, also known as a cross trainer, is a piece of equipment that is commonly used in walking and running exercises.

A common question asked by many is whether elliptical machines have a bad effect on the knees? The truth is that elliptical machines are beneficial to one's general health as they help burn excess calories in the body. As for the knees, they help in building strong muscles for a perfect knee fitness for those with weak knees. This will provide stability when walking, running or standing for long hours.

Unlike other machines, an elliptical machine has a reduced impact, which is not bad for the knees. While training with this equipment, the foot doesn't leave the paddle so the strain in the joints is far reduced. In fact, working on an elliptical machine is highly recommended for people who have suffered knee injuries before. Minimal workout on this machine will help heal the destroyed knee ligaments in a shorter period of time.

Research done by leading institutions like Harvard University highly recommend the use of elliptical machines to patients who have knee injuries. Studies show that elliptical machines reduce the likelihood of knee joint complications, heal the muscles around the knees, and make them strong as they were before.

The majority of body therapists and physical trainers have included an elliptical machine workout in their programs, especially to patients who have suffered knee damage. They claim that regular exercise on these machines help reduce the amount of pain on the wounded knees and slowly regains motion as the knee heals within the required period of time. For knees that may seem to have changed their position, an elliptical machine workout helps return the knee back to the original point with no strain at all.

Though good for knees, elliptical machines should be set to the standard settings of one's preference and ability. Patients with knee injuries should follow the advice of their physicians so as not to damage their knees permanently. A prolonged rigorous workout may damage your knees with time or cause unending pain to them. They also may not be the best solution to those who want faster results to heal their knees within a short period of time.

If you're wondering whether an elliptical machine is bad for your knees, the facts speak very reassuringly for themselves. If carefully used, the impact on your knees is positive and with long lasting benefits.
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