Simple Pilates Exercises for Your Home Workout

Pilates exercises have a huge range of workout programs and these can be performed by people of any age, shape and size. Even Hollywood celebrities are known to do these exercises and it keeps them fit, healthy, fresh and energetic.

It was Joseph Pilates, a boxer cum circus performer, who started the Pilates series of exercises and ever since, these workouts have become so popular that they are performed regularly by millions of people all over the world.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates method of exercising believed in the balanced development of the body which essentially involved four elements. There is core strength, flexibility, control and then there is body-consciousness which helps you achieve efficient and graceful body movements. Pilates method of exercise is aimed at them all and combines breathing and exercise manoeuvres.

The biggest advantage of these exercises is that they are perfectly easy to do, fairly enough, and dancers love it. These exercises will help you solve several health related issues too.

Here are a couple of simple Pilates exercises that you can do for your stomach.

Lie on your back, on the Pilates mat with your arms by your side. Bend your legs and place your feet on the floor just hip space apart. While you inhale, you can activate your T-zone (the “T” formed by a horizontal line from the hip bones and a vertical line down toward the pelvic floor muscles, otherwise referred to as your lower abdominals) and you can tilt your knees towards the floor. It should be a perfectly controlled exercise as you strengthen your stomach muscles.

This exercise is also quite easy to do; the spine stretch exercise. You will have to sit on the floor to do this exercise, keeping your arms and legs straight. Slouch forward while stretching your spine as far as it can go. 

When you want to do these workouts at home, it is advisable that you start after taking some private lessons. A Pilates ring, foam ball, Pilates ball and flex band will be ideal for start up exercises. The success of Pilates exercises will depend on how normally you can breathe. You should do them without strain. When you do these exercises you can breathe in through the nose and breathe out through your mouth.

There are simple Pilates workouts for pregnant and postnatal women. Doing these exercises on a regular basis will prepare your body for childbirth and help reduce delivery pains and cramps. You will almost have a painless childbirth if you keep your body fit by doing the right kind of exercises. However you should never do them alone, but only under the guidance of an instructor.

Be aware of the changes in your body each time you do these exercises. Oppositional stretch exercises accompanied by pelvic exercises and breathing exercises will be a good idea at this time.

Benefits of Pilates exercises:

     Keeping your body healthy and toned
     Fat burning exercises that help shed excess weight
     Regulating your metabolism
     More fluidity and flexibility in movements
     Decreasing back and neck pains
     They are energising exercises, which will keep you in good shape, both physically and mentally
     Your body movements will be co-ordinated and you will feel an increase in strength and stamina

Tess Mathews is a freelance writer and a fitness freak. She loves to keep herself fit and spends at least an hour everyday with her workout equipment. In busy days, she chooses to do vibration exercises and has a Crazy Fit Massager for that.