5 Symptoms that Should Never be Ignored

No one wants to have to rush to the emergency room as soon as a mysterious symptom arises – in most cases, minor aches and pains can arrive and disappear very quickly, with no apparent cause. However, pain is an indication from your body that something is wrong, and ignoring it could prove life-threatening. It is always best to be cautious, particularly when dealing with those who have a history of medical complications. Here are some physical symptoms that you should not ignore.

1. Chest pain

Discomfort in the chest is usually caused by one of a range of benign and easily-treatable conditions, such as a peptic ulcer or acid reflux. But it is also one of the key symptoms of a heart attack. However, most people, particularly women, downplay the severity of chest pains, and it is for this reason that 64% of women who die as a result of a heart attack do not even reach the ER. Heart problems are usually indicated by intense pressure in the bottom half of the chest. If experienced in conjunction with fatigue, nausea, feeling faint and breathing difficulties, get to an emergency room.

2. Fainting

Fainting is caused by a sudden and dramatic fall in blood pressure, preventing sufficient blood from flowing to the brain. Usually, this does not indicate a serious medical problem and can be brought on by stress or fear. However, if a person faints after serious physical exertion, without feeling light-headed, or takes more than one minute to become conscious, fainting may indicate a heart complication or a stroke. Take the afflicted person to the ER immediately.

3. Persistent leg pains

Aches and pain in the legs can be the result of benign issues such as intense exercise or poor circulation. However, recurring or chronic pains or cramping in the legs could be the result of a clot or problems with the circulatory system, particularly the heart, and the patient should be taken to the ER.

4. Unusual lumps or bumps

90% of lumps and bumps found on the human body are simply benign cysts, warts, boils or lipomas (growths around fatty deposits under the skin), all of which are completely harmless. However, if you find a lump anywhere on your body that is unusual and does not go away, it is sensible to consult your doctor to ensure that it is not cancerous.

5. Severe headache

Everyone gets headaches from time to time, but if the pain is constant and severe it could be your body telling you that something is not right. In combination with additional symptoms it may indicate a risk of strokes, inflammation of the blood vessels, or even a tumor in the brain and it should be treated as a medical emergency.

Author Bio: Emily is a health blogger and also a contributing writer for IBStreatments.com, a site that discusses a variety of treatments for irritable bowel syndrome including natural remedies and other medications, like Paxil for IBS treatment.