10 Hair Care Rules to Break Now!

It is time to break hair care rules you have been following for years. By doing so, you may discover how healthy your hair can be with simple changes.

Break This Rule: Get a trim every 6 - 8 weeks. Getting a regular trim is a vital necessity for healthy hair. 
If you want to grow out your hair than space out those trims to every 8 - 12 weeks, and continue to follow hair care rules to minimize breakage.

Break This Rule: You can never get enough moisture for your hair. 
Too much moisture can cause problems. Moisturizing incorrectly can weigh hair down and possibly cause bacterial infections. Make sure to find the right styling products for your hair type.

Break This Rule: Vigorously towel-dry your hair before using the blow dryer.
Never treat wet hair to excessive rubbing or pulling because it is extremely fragile when wet. Let your hair air dry for as long as possible and towel drying your hair, make sure to blot not rub.

Break This Rule: Buy salon products for the best hair treatments. 
It is easy to believe that the $30.00 serum is why your hair looks fabulous when your stylist shows you the mirror. Hair health begins from the inside out, and your hair will show if you are not taking care of yourself.

Break This Rule: Switching products keeps hair looking fresh.
Build up from hair products is not going to disappear by changing hair products. Use clarifying shampoo about twice a month and an intensive moisturizing treatment to enhance the shine we all crave.

Break This Rule: Buy products with labels that say natural, organic or claimto have healthy oils. 
You read the labels on your cereal, snacks and other food. Read your labels on hair care products too.  Products that jump on the all-natural bandwagon may still have fragrances, alcohol and chemicals that will damage hair.

Break This Rule: Banish all signs of gray hair. 
Gray hairs make fantastic highlights when taken care of correctly. Stylists can also give proper advice about how to make gray hair look stunning.

Break This Rule: it is my -insert age here- birthday, and I am too old for long hair. 
There is no reason to feel pressure to cut your hair after a certain age. Banish this rule along with any other age related barrier holding us back.

Break This Rule: Your best friend's hair rules are not necessarily going to work for you. 
Pay attention to what your hair type is - not what works for your bestfriend. Using the wrong products are going to make for lousy hair days - every day.

Break This Rule: Mother knows best. 
Stop following the old wives tales that may even harm your hair. Lather, rinse and repeat is a smart marketing tool, but the practice is murder on the moisture content in your hair. Brushing hair a hundred strokes only breaks the hair and makes it staticky. Hair does not grow back thicker after shaving, it only seems that way.

The most significant rule to follow that allows hair to be its healthiest is to take care of yourself. Healthy hair needs a diet with antioxidants, vitamins and proteins. Treat your hair well with minimal chemicals and embrace your tresses in their natural state.

Giving your hair a break from the stress of heat and chemicals will reward you with terrific hair days.

Cindi Lewis writes for Glossy, a hair care productsand beauty products online retailer.