Self Discipline and Dieting

Being and staying healthy is very important. Doing so is a good way to prevent diseases from inflicting our at-risk bodies from the simple flu to potentially life-threatening diseases such as heart conditions and breathing problems. However, going on a healthy diet is very difficult. An even more difficult task than this is actually maintaining your progress and gains. Among others, it will require a big amount of discipline for sustenance so your efforts do not go to waste.

It would be very hard to get anywhere without coming up with achievable goals where you will base everything you will be doing in the entire feat. Instead of the single goal of “weight loss”, come up with simple steps that will lead you there. In this manner, you can easily commit to these simple steps and actually get to where you want to be. You can start with food item swapping to their healthier alternatives and then gradually work into incorporating that in your daily diet. Before you know it, you will have achieved you ultimate goal of weight loss without you even knowing it.

Think of eating as an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, you will never have the will to follow and stick to your diet plan. You might not be able to take in the food items that you would want to eat but there are some ways for you to make eating more desirable. Do so by slowly eating and chewing your food so you can fully enjoy its flavors. You can also dine with good company or take in small portions so you can eat more than three times all throughout the day.

Know the progress of your dieting feat by monitoring and recording your activity levels, food items eaten, and your overall weight loss. Not only will this be important for your health care provider to determine if there are changes in your current diet plan that needed to be issued but this will also serve as your own tool to keep you motivated and push you to go on with the whole diet process.

Along with positive reinforcement, a reward can help you sustain the discipline that is required in dieting. You just have to make sure that the reward will come right after you have achieved a goal. Opt to give yourself small rewards for small goals achieved as doing things on a bigger scale will require great effort. These self-motivators can come in the form of a new book, a spa treatment, or even a half-day off from your obligations.

A good companion of diet is exercise. A good exercise routine will help in both achieving that desired weight along with its maintenance. Apart from calorie building and muscle building, it is also a very effective way to relieve and even eliminate stress. You do not have to go the gym or work with complex equipment, a simple half hour or brisk walking or jogging would be good enough.

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