Artistic Movement in Film

Two short films that interestingly portray bodies in motion.

Forms (Excerpt) from Nexus Productions on Vimeo.

(Athletics start at :34)

"Forms" (excerpted above) is currently on display at Bradford, England's National Media Museum:
Forms is a digital artwork that responds to the human body in motion. It focuses exclusively on the mechanics of movement, using footage of world-class athletes to illustrate human movement at the extremes of perfection.

Videos of athletes were processed through custom software to create evolving abstract forms that explore the relationships between the human body and its movements through time and space.

Divers (Short Animation) from Paris M. on Vimeo.


"Divers" is an experimental animation that was inspired by Busby Berkeley, mass gymnastics and experimental cinema from the 20s and 30s. I created it while pursuing my MFA in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. As part of the project, I also developed a choreography-based animation toolset which I subsequently used during the animation process.