These days good or bad, society focuses heavily on appearance. So many people lost many valuable opportunities because they do not have any idea about the power of image. Every person’s image has power and art that should be accentuated to make him or her feel happy and satisfied. The power and art comes from unique characters or features that related to a person’s look. A person’s image created from two main effects; behaviors and look. The first is relaying on vocal communication, non-verbal communication and etiquette. And the look is an external fact depends on body shape, skin tone and face shape. This is briefly what is my profession about and you can read more about it and my services in my Profile.

In this blog am going to focus on conducting surveys about fashion and lifestyle. Share my work experience and "How to" from time to time.
You should know i am not a stylist focusing on body shapes and designs, I care more about your inner enrichment, boost your confidant and accentuate your power and the art of your image externally and internally to achieve a desired look.