Last Call for Registrations: "Precision Hipwork" on March 31

If you have not yet confirmed your spot, please pre-pay or RSVP before noon on Thursday 3/29.

Precision Hipwork is the first of a five-part workshop series, Oriental Dance Deconstructed

This week we'll examine leg-driven movements that give you the greatest degree of isolation in the lower body.  This is the vocabulary you need for balancing, for the greatest range of layering options, and for poised, elegant, "crystal-clean" hipwork for theatrical Oriental dance.  We will dissect:
  • Side-to-Side Tilts, Double Side-to-Side Tilts, and Lifted-Heel Side-to-Side Tilts
  • Walking and Turning with Side-to-Side Tilts
  • Push and Pull Travel Steps for Side-to-Side Tilts
  • Soft-knee Shimmy  (A useful counterpart to the straight-leg Egyptian shimmy, which we'll cover May 12.) 
  • Unweighted Hip Drops, "n"s, "m"s, and Traveling "n"s.
  • Basic Double Drop
  • Two Types of Triplet ("3/4") Shimmy
  • Upward-Tilting Small Hip Circle
I'll be presenting this material twice:  Foundations from 2:00-3:00 for continuing beginners, and a Master Class from 3:00-5:00 for more advanced students.   For this Saturday only, the cost is $18 for the Foundations hour, or $25 for the Master Class.  Pay in advance for all five workshops at a discounted rate of $75 (Foundations) or $125 (Master Classes).