The Best Leg Workout for Strong Muscles

Combined With Cardio

Whether at home or in the gym, there are numerous leg workouts which you can do in order to strengthen your muscles in this area. One of the more obvious ones which you can do all the time is walking. Although primarily known for its cardiovascular benefits, walking stairs or steep inclines can work wonders for building up leg muscles.

In terms of the gym, a lot of cardio exercises can be tailored to have a real benefit and strengthen your leg muscles. The three main ones are the burning machine, which will work on whichever part of your legs you program it too as well as the buttocks, the cross trainer and the rowing machine. Even 15 minutes on each of these pieces of apparatus three times a week will deliver significant gains in leg muscle strength.

Weight Training

Obviously the quickest way to build muscle mass and strength with leg workouts is by having a strong focus on weight training. Gyms are loaded with equipment which can help you achieve the results you want in relation to your leg workouts.

Take advantage of the trainers who work there too, they’ll be able to give you a great deal of quality advice and direction with regards how best to perform your leg workouts, including intensity and intervals.

Doing It At Home

If you’re not a regular down at your local gym then there’s no need to panic, there are many exercises you can perform at home which will help build muscle and strength with effective leg workouts. There are a wide number of computer programs and mobile apps, as well as DVD’s which provide a wide range of exercises and ideas, some even give simple ideas you can do while sitting at your desk in the office all day.

Try a simple yet effective exercise such as standing squats. Five sets of 20 standing squats three or four times a week will work wonders for the strength and tone of your leg muscles.

The Other Stuff

Obviously working out isn’t the only way to increase your muscle size and strength. You will also need to carefully consider what you eat, as well as making sure you warm up and cool down correctly, in order to gain maximum benefit from the exercises as well as prevent an injury from occurring.

Take some simple steps today and start building those leg muscles with some effective leg workouts.
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