Art Deco | style

Art Deco is eclectic artistic style and design that began in Paris in 1920s

we have noticed many designers already adopted the inspiration of art deco pattern and print, and eclectic style. it becomes very desiarable to mix and match fine art and different styles.
the combination of variety of influences in one look is just represent the demand for freedom from any rules in fashion and art !!

the influnces come from different historical styles such as architecture, painting, graphic, and decorative arts.

fashion designers had
different silhouette to work with. Innovative seaming, draping, gauzy fabrics, beads, and feathers were all called upon
from the mid-1920s the use of seaming as a decorative detail, surface embellishment and abstract, graphic design is a general characteristic of art deco design. the shirt dress a new style was introduced during this period and padded square shoulders .

of course Elsa Schiaparelli had added some fun to art deco period, and we got Prada who is having recembalance philosophy in fashion