The Healthiest People in the World

The secret to a long life might not be as mysterious as you think. People in the healthiest countries in the world appear to have found ways to increase their life expectancy beyond the average. The five healthiest countries are Iceland, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and Finland. A Japanese citizen, at the age of 115, is one of the oldest people in the world.

The following infographic explains that there are many ways to increase life expectancy. Frequent exercise is one of the most common habits among the healthiest people. Exercise doesn't have to include running marathons. Less intense exercise may have more benefits than vigorous exercise. Other habits include healthy eating without mass consumption of junk food. Most healthy people practice mindful eating by not overeating. Healthy individuals get more sleep and try to live a life without stress.

We might not yet have the secret to immortality, but there are easy ways people can increase their life expectancy.

Source: Best Public Health Schools