What are your seasonal colors?

the other day i was discussing with a client the meaning of chic fashion or stylish chic person!! to whom would you give this title?!

it is known that fabulous chic personal style takes into account the right amount of risk between fashion and trends VS. safety which are one's colors palette, body type... etc for any occasion.

if you do agree with me in this, you must know how important to identefy your color palette.

by Anna Villaruel

it needs lots of practice to notice which colors that makes you look fabulous, fresh, younger, and slimmer. 
wearing the right color reduce huge effort we would make just to look as we wish. 

your best colors are the ones that give a life to your skin, hair and eyes. therefore we determine your color group by doing the seasonal color analysis.

by Anna Villaruel
 I believe that taking a seasonal color analysis will give you a sense of direction of what type of colors (cool, warm, deep, light, clear, muted) look fabulous on you. Because as you get the hang of your best colors, skimming the clothing rack becomes a breeze! It simplifies shopping and you'll have a closet full of clothes that you want to wear :-)

 contact me to have you seasonal color analysis !

of course when you know your seasonal color , it will be much easier to know what make-ups to wear too.