YSL Pump | Mint green

what are you up to this summer?! 
with so many trends going on, it is very difficult to choose what suit us, what to buy, what complement our bodies and skin complexions.

if you have slim and petite body, the above sets with prints from head to toe is suitable for you as it gives the illusion of weight.

in general the above sets reveal a personality of sweetness with some toughness, clever person with high self-esteem  !!

this look is perfect for daytime hang outs with friends, family or beloved

it is good to pair them with soft makeup, eyeliner and pink plusher and lipstick.

and if you prefer to have monochrome trend this season with mint green, the above sets just made for you.

they give a well-proportioned body illusion to column and Apple or athletic body types.

those sets represent a very delicate and soft personality, tend to emotionaly judge others. thus, it shouldn't be worn in formal events which requirer your opinion and decisons   !!

my suggestion for you !!

 the trendiest pump for this season 

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