6 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Energy in the Afternoon

Everyone knows the afternoon is going to bring with it the dreaded Wall. This is when you have hit your first energy peak and are now crashing into the Wall Of No Energy. The rest of your day seems to drag along endlessly. However, there are six easy ways to jumpstart your energy in the afternoon. You just have to be willing to get up and do something about the afternoon crash.

The following tips are the best ways to recharge your energy levels.

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Tip #1 – Get up and Move

For those of you who work behind a desk or a cash register all day, it can be really easy to fall victim to the afternoon energy drain. Health and fitness experts recommend you get up and walk around your desk or the office. This will help to break the monotony of sitting and gets your circulation moving.

Tip #2 – Avoid High Sugar and Caffeine Drinks

Energy, coffee, tea and soft drinks are usually all loaded with sugar and caffeine. They may seem to help with your energy levels for the moment, but will lead you right into a big crash later. Your body does not actually have the energy, it is just being tricked by the substances you are putting in it.

Tip #3 – Choose Vitamin Drinks for Energy

For a true energy boost it is better to pick drinks that are providing your body with energy from vitamins instead of sugar and caffeine. Your body will digest and absorb the beneficial vitamin and convert it into lasting energy without the crash later.

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Tip #4 – Don’t Skip Breakfast

One sure way to hit the Wall is by skipping breakfast. Eating a well-balanced breakfast will keep your body running throughout the day. However, your breakfast should not be a doughnut and a cola drink. You should include whole grains, protein, fruit and vegetables. For example, a breakfast consisting of a vegetable egg white omelet and a small bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries should keep you going until lunch.

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Tip #5 – Snack Healthy

Another way to jumpstart your afternoon energy level is by choosing the proper snacks. Candy and chips will not cut it. They are only empty carbs and are only a temporary fix. Pick healthy options that are loaded with nutrients such as nuts, honey sweetened granola and even low fat cheese.

Tip #6 – Get Your Energy Rest

Many people like to call it, “Getting your beauty rest.” However, sleeping seven to eight hours at night will help to keep your body energized all day. Also, if you have a place to sneak it in, a five to ten minute power nap can make a huge difference as well.

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