Face shape

what is your face shape?

your face shape determines your hairstyles, eye wears, necklines, jewelry, and make-up technique.

as people first see your face, it is the most essential aspect of giving you the best and fabulous look.
also it save lots of time and money when going shopping, as it helps you to know what to buy.

the wrong styling technique, would make your face look out of proportion
the wrong styling also will accentuate parts you don't like, and it  
 can visually alter the shape of it or the shape and size of your facial features.

and here it is how to know what is your face shape?

compare the three areas 1- forehead 2- cheekbones 3- jawlines
which one is wider ?
4- how long is your face?

oval if the length of your face equals one and a half times the width.
round face if almost the wide and length are equal
if more length less width consider it oblong 
if your forehead equals your jawline so it is almost square face shape
if your jawline is wider than your forehead you may appear to have triangulate face
if your forehead is wider so you may have heart face shape
if you have killer cheek bones, you may have diamond face shape
it is very general and simple guide

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