Natural Beauty Tips

Let me mention first what you should follow first is fruits,
plenty of fruits and vegetables.They give you the right vitamins
and minerals for healthy looking skin that glows.
Here is a beauty tip for your face, that will make your face look radiant and take off the dead skin.

-About a dime size portion of "Miracle Whip" not mayonnaise.

-Make sure you don't apply too much. You just want a a nice
layer and don't forget your neck.

-Leave this on your face for 20 minutes.

-And then start with clean dry fingertips messaging in small
circles. Soon you will see little balls of dead skin coming
off. Keep rubbing until your face and neck are done.

-Wash with a mild cleanser, and moisturize as normal. I love
to do this. You won't believe how soft your skin feels and the
radiant glow that it will give you.

Apply eyeshadow with cotton swabs for an alternative of an
applicator. It's soft and makes your eyeshadow apply evenly.
And they are desposable too, so you toss them away.

Another way to remove your make-up on your eyes is vaseline.
It removes it very well and is a natural ingredient.

Another tip is, apply clear lipgloss under lipstick for soft &
shiny lips.

A soak for tired feet is always a treat. Soak them for an half
an hour in warm water and add slices of lemons.

If you're not pleased on how your teeth look here is a way where
you can brighten them up just by using baking soda and perioxide.
Baking soda has been healthy for teeth for many years. So you
know it's safe. All you need is 1 teaspoon of baking soda and
1 teaspoon of perioxide mix and brush with toothbrush. Rinse.
Be sure the perioxide is no greater than 3%. It says it on the label.
This is an inexpensive way to whiten and brighten your teeth.
And it's a healthy way to have whiter brighter teeth.

The loofah sponge has been another way to have healthy looking skin too. Plus fights nasty cellulite, that we don't want.
It was first used by women in many European countries for many
centuries for healthy skin. It really works! If you don't have
a loofah sponge yet, go buy one. They sell them in many supermarkets and department stores. You should apply body wash
on the loofah sponge and rub all over your entire body in your shower or bath. You will soon feel a tingling sensation and your
skin getting softer and smoother like a babies skin. The tingling sensation means it's working. And you will feel better using the loofah sponge because it has benefits for you and your

I hope you enjoyed these natural beauty tips I gave you.
So remember... be beautiful and stay that way!