Don't Choose The Milkyway, Choose The Right Way

A funny thing occurred when I wrote about the amount of pus that could be found in cow's milk a while back. An angry reader sent me an e-mail saying: "And where does it say that cow pus is bad for you!?".

Anyway. Just like to say one thing about milk and the I'll be off - Don't drink it.

Just some few random fun facts why you shouldn't:

* Did you know that we humans are the only mammals who continue to drink milk even after we start eating firm food? (And the only ones who keep on giving it to our kids.)

* Did you know that our organisms can only incorporate the milk sugar with the enzyme lactase and in most people's small intestines you can only find that enzyme in the first years of their life? Thats why people become lactose intolerant. Hello balloon belly.

* It's one of the fattiest things on earth after Fat Joe's chin. And if it's not "full-fat" aka fake, then you have to add vitamins and other synthetic shit just because the fat has been taken out and when the natural fat goes, the natural vitamins go too.

* It's still got cow pus btw.

pus pus pus pus pus pus pus pus pus pus